Dogs Can Eat Aubergine in Moderation


Yes, it’s safe for dogs to eat aubergine in moderation as long as you prepare them correctly. Aubergine can make a good, occasional vegetable treat for dogs because they are packed with dietary fiber and filled with nutrients like potassium and vitamin B1.

The best method for serving aubergine to dogs is by baking, boiling, or roasting them and cutting them into tiny pieces. You should not use any seasoning. Serve the cooked aubergine pieces on their own or mix it in with your dog’s regular food.

While aubergine isn’t considered “toxic”, it would be best to not serve it to certain dogs. For example, aubergine should not be served to dogs with kidney conditions. The vegetable contains a naturally-occurring molecule called Oxalates, which may worsen the symptoms of the dog’s kidney issue.

As part of the nightshade family, aubergine also contain an alkaloid called solanine. This is unlikely to cause problems to dogs as long as they are only fed a small amount of aubergine.

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