Dogs Can Eat Certain Parts of the Granny Smith Apple

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Yes, dogs may enjoy Granny Smith apples as a occasional treat as long as you discard the “toxic” parts of the apple. Green apple varieties such as the Granny Smith apple, however, are known to be more acidic than their red counterparts and this may encourage the development of symptoms like acid reflux.

The above is one reason why Granny Smith apples should only be given to your dog as an occasional treat. When you prepare the apple, make sure to safely discard the skin, core, and seeds. These parts of the apple can be hazardous to dogs, especially the seed.

The skin of the apple isn’t considered “toxic” but there’s always a risk of the Granny Smith apple skin being contaminated with pesticide residue. According to the Environmental Working Group, apples are included in the dirty dozen list. Aside from Granny Smith apples, there are many other foods that pet owners should be careful about. Despite the health benefits, there are human foods that dogs shouldn’t eat including certain parts of the apple.


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