What to Do if Your Dog Eats Kinetic Sand

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Kinetic sand is one of the newest toys for children that provide them with hours of fun, but it’s not so fun if your dog ends up eating the sand. Most people don’t think about their dogs being interested in kinetic sand, but dogs will eat anything that you have that resembles food. There are certain steps you should be taking right now if you have found that your dog was eating the kinetic sand.

Why Kinetic Sand is Not Safe for Dogs

Kinetic sand is not safe for dogs just as it’s not safe for small children. There is a reason why small children should not handle kinetic sand unless they are being supervised by an adult. Kinetic sand itself is made from both silicone and sand, although it’s non-toxic. Even though it’s non-toxic, there are still dangers that exist if large amounts of kinetic sand are ingested.

The biggest issue with kinetic sand is that it could end up just sitting in the guts or the bowels. Kinetic sand will just mold and turn into shapes inside the stomach just like it does when you touch it. There have been instances in the past of dogs eating large quantities of kinetic sand and these dogs had to have major surgery to remove the sand from their stomach.

What to Do if Your Dog Eats Kinetic Sand

If you have just realized your dog ate some kinetic sand the first thing you need to do is call the veterinarian immediately. You want to be able to tell the veterinarian when this happened and how much sand you think was ingested. If the veterinarian gives you the green light, you might be able to induce vomiting at home. There are risks to doing this yourself at home without the medical knowledge, so most veterinarians will want you to come in even if it’s just to induce vomiting. If done incorrectly, aspiration pneumonia could occur along with other issues.

Sometimes inducing vomiting isn’t enough to rid your dog of the kinetic sand. If your dog has eaten a lot of kinetic sand there is a chance that it’s going to block the guts. In the more serious situations, surgery might be required if the kinetic sand has created a blockage. The blockages could be in the bowels or in the intestinal tract and it’s a serious issue that needs to be treated immediately.


  • Jena Davis | 10/02/2020

    This saved my dogs life! Milly are dog had found some kinetic sand on are kitchen table. In a panic I googled why to do and this article saved her! Thank u soooo much!

  • Amber | 12/03/2020

    My shitzu took a small bite will he be okay?

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