You Could Feed Your Dog Rice Everyday


It should be fine for most dogs to be fed rice everyday as long as it’s plain, only given in small amounts, and it isn’t the only thing that the dog is eating. First off, we have to emphasize the importance of the rice being plain. It shouldn’t be something like buttered rice for example, which isn’t considered toxic but the high amount of fat in the butter will cause problems with the dog’s stomach.

It’s also preferred that you feed your dog white rice (e.g. jasmine rice and basmati rice) and not brown rice. Some dogs may find it a bit more difficult to digest brown rice because it isn’t as processed. Feeding dogs brown rice everyday may result in temporary digestive problems like stomach upsets.

If you plan to feed your dog rice everyday then please make sure to supplement it with other healthy foods that offer a diversity of nutrients. Rice lacks the vitamins, minerals, and proteins that all play an important role in the maintenance of the dog’s body. Some pet owners, for example, may offer chicken and rice, specifically when their dog is suffering from problems like diarrhea.

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