Dogs Can Have a Tiny Amount of Celery Juice

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It should be fine to let your dog have a taste of the celery juice but it should never be considered a replacement for a dog’s regular meal. Some of us humans like to drink celery juice as a way to cleanse and detox the body but that should never be done for a dog.

Mixing in a small amount of celery juice to your dog’s food could be beneficial from time to time because celery is known for being an important source of nutrients and antioxidants. By blending the celery, you also avoid the choking risk that comes with raw celery pieces.

While rare, some dogs may have sensitivities or allergies to the natural substances found in celery so you should only allow your dog to have a small amount of celery juice at first. Make sure to keep the juice plain. Do not feed your dog celery juice that has been mixed with additives like sugar.

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