Is it Safe for Dogs to Eat Ice Cubes?

Frozen Treats

Yes, but we would only recommend giving your dog ice cubes that are already crushed into smaller pieces. There’s always a possibility of dogs developing cracks along their teeth if they chew on the ice cubes too aggressively. This is a high possibility for dogs that have small jaws and teeth.

Large ice cubes may also pose a choking hazard for small-breed dogs so it’s best to keep them away from your pets. Instead of ice cubes, there are plenty of other ways to cool down your dog during a hot summer day. You could, for example, offer a cooling fan that’s pointed in the direction of the dog’s favorite napping spot. You could also offer them frozen treats that are easier for dogs to chew on.

One popular recipe for dogs could be a mixture of blended frozen fruit and a tiny bit of plain, non-fat and non-sweet yogurt. You could also offer them refreshing fruits like watermelons (without the seeds).

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