Tip of Dog’s Lipstick Stuck Out – Why & What to Do Next

Here are a few common reasons that may explain the tip of a dog’s lipstick (a more comfortable way of saying a dog’s penis) getting stuck out.

1. Emergencies like paraphimosis

Paraphimosis refers to the dog’s inability to retract the tip of his lipstick within the foreskin or the preputial sheath (the skin that covers the dog’s penis). This is an emergency as paraphimosis can lead to the constriction of blood flow which can then turn to serious medical issues like necrosis and damage to the dog’s urethra.

Paraphimosis can be caused by a number of triggers including excessive licking and sexual excitement. It may also be a result of an underlying health disorder such as a neurological disease.

2. Dog is having an erection

It could just be a case where your dog is sexually aroused and is having an erection because of it. According to PetMD, a dog’s erection may last anywhere from a few minutes to up to an hour!

3. Inflammation in the dog’s penis

The tip of the dog’s lipstick might have gotten stuck out due to an inflammation. The medical term for this is balanoposthitis. Inflammation in the dog’s penis can be triggered by a number of causes including bacterial infections, physical injuries, and tumors. In addition to the tip of the dog’s lipstick getting stuck, you may notice other symptoms like yellow or green discharge and excessive licking.

What to do if your dog’s penis is stuck

Call the vet if more than ten to twenty minutes have passed since the dog’s lipstick got stuck. This could become a life-threatening situation if the dog is affected by a condition like paraphimosis. If appropriate, the vet may ask you to try and get the dog’s penis to retract. This could be done by cleaning the dog’s penis then applying a pet-safe lubricant to get the penis back into the sheath.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


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