3 Signs that Show Your Dog is Getting Better from Parvovirus

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Parvovirus is one of the more serious viruses that a young dog can contract through feces of an infected dog and it’s very contagious. A lot of dogs that end up with parvovirus end up passing away due to the severity of the symptoms, and the fact it happens more often in puppies before the immune system is fully developed. In this article, we will talk about the signs that show your dog is improving from parvovirus.

1. Dog Stops Pooping Bloody Feces

One of the biggest warning signs that there’s something wrong with your dog is that he will have blood in his stool. When a dog has parvo, they will have very bloody diarrhea that isn’t the normal color of stool. Parvo causes bloody feces due to the fact that it leads to intestinal bleeding from the small intestines, which then passes through the body and out as fecal material.

The intestinal bleeding is very noticeable and will result in there being a very pungent and unique odor to the diarrhea along with the obvious blood. If your dog is in the recovery phase of parvo, a huge indicator that he’s improving will be that there’s no longer blood found in the feces and it’s returning back to normal color and consistency.

2. Dog Stops Vomiting

Vomiting is a common symptom of parvo and as it progresses you’ll notice the only thing coming up is yellow bile or blood. The blood is coming from the intestines and it will look like coffee grounds. When your dog stops vomiting then you know that your dog is getting better from parvo, especially once the foamy bile liquid stops coming up all of the time.

Parvo causes vomiting due to the bleeding occurring in the small intestine and also due to the fact parvo will give your dog a fever and he generally won’t feel well. Obviously, any illness like parvo that affects the gastrointestinal system is going to create a situation where continuous vomiting occurs and that leads to dehydration.

3. Dog’s Activity Level Will Increase

Lethargy is one of the first signs of parvo in dogs, but it can be mistaken for many other illnesses and medical conditions. As parvo progresses, lethargy will be noticeable in situations such as your dog not responding to treats or food, and will not respond if you try to get him to play with his favorite toy.

Parvo causes issues such as fever, anemia, and sepsis, which will all impact activity level. Your dog will be depressed and likely will have trouble standing up once the disease progresses, which can happen rapidly.

You’ll know your dog is on the road to recovery when his activity level is getting back to normal. Blood coming out of the small intestines will make your dog weak and anemic and not want to play. Once you notice your dog is moving more and more interested in toys, you’ll know that there’s no more blood loss happening within the intestines.

How Long Does it Take for a Dog to Recover from Parvo?

Recovering from parvo can take some time depending on factors such as the age of your dog, breed, and how long your dog had parvo before treatment was initiated. Generally, it will take one week for your dog to recover from parvo once treatment starts.

It takes 10 days after recovery begins for the dog to shed the virus completely. Some dogs will recover from parvo within that week time frame but other dogs it might take a couple months to fully recover from this devastating illness.

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2 months ago

My lab pup is doing vomiting and he did some loose stools too 3 times in 36 hours…
And it’s been 12 hours we have started the treatment.
Let me tell you I changed the dog pup food from royal canine to farmina starter Nd my pup only eaten a half bowl after one hour he vomited out everything Nd the then vomiting started iam confuse whether it’s gastritis or parvo coz after one drip treatment he dint vomit Nd nor he did motion..but he is feeling lethargic…