3 Signs that Show Your Dog is Getting Better from Parvovirus

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Parvovirus is one of the more serious viruses that a young dog can contract through feces of an infected dog and it’s very contagious. A lot of dogs that end up with parvovirus end up passing away due to the severity of the symptoms, and the fact it happens more often in puppies before the immune system is fully developed. In this article, we will talk about the signs that show your dog is improving from parvovirus.

1. Dog Stops Pooping Bloody Feces

One of the biggest warning signs that there’s something wrong with your dog is that he will have blood in his stool. When a dog has parvo, they will have very bloody diarrhea that isn’t the normal color of stool. Parvo causes bloody feces due to the fact that it leads to intestinal bleeding from the small intestines, which then passes through the body and out as fecal material.

The intestinal bleeding is very noticeable and will result in there being a very pungent and unique odor to the diarrhea along with the obvious blood. If your dog is in the recovery phase of parvo, a huge indicator that he’s improving will be that there’s no longer blood found in the feces and it’s returning back to normal color and consistency.

2. Dog Stops Vomiting

Vomiting is a common symptom of parvo and as it progresses you’ll notice the only thing coming up is yellow bile or blood. The blood is coming from the intestines and it will look like coffee grounds. When your dog stops vomiting then you know that your dog is getting better from parvo, especially once the foamy bile liquid stops coming up all of the time.

Parvo causes vomiting due to the bleeding occurring in the small intestine and also due to the fact parvo will give your dog a fever and he generally won’t feel well. Obviously, any illness like parvo that affects the gastrointestinal system is going to create a situation where continuous vomiting occurs and that leads to dehydration.

3. Dog’s Activity Level Will Increase

Lethargy is one of the first signs of parvo in dogs, but it can be mistaken for many other illnesses and medical conditions. As parvo progresses, lethargy will be noticeable in situations such as your dog not responding to treats or food, and will not respond if you try to get him to play with his favorite toy.

Parvo causes issues such as fever, anemia, and sepsis, which will all impact activity level. Your dog will be depressed and likely will have trouble standing up once the disease progresses, which can happen rapidly.

You’ll know your dog is on the road to recovery when his activity level is getting back to normal. Blood coming out of the small intestines will make your dog weak and anemic and not want to play. Once you notice your dog is moving more and more interested in toys, you’ll know that there’s no more blood loss happening within the intestines.

How Long Does it Take for a Dog to Recover from Parvo?

Recovering from parvo can take some time depending on factors such as the age of your dog, breed, and how long your dog had parvo before treatment was initiated. Generally, it will take one week for your dog to recover from parvo once treatment starts.

It takes 10 days after recovery begins for the dog to shed the virus completely. Some dogs will recover from parvo within that week time frame but other dogs it might take a couple months to fully recover from this devastating illness.

Stories from Dog Owners

Here are some relatable experiences from other pet owners who also had to care for puppies that recovered from the parvovirus.

Story #1 – Recovering Mastiff

We have a nine weeks old mastiff. She was adopted from foster care a few weeks ago. She started to get sick not long after we brought her home. We were able to confirm that she had parvo after taking her to the vet. Fortunately, we were able to get some financial help from the shelter as it wasn’t long since we adopted her. After she got her medications, it took at least two days before she started to eat some food but with a bit of a struggle.

Story #2 – Tired Dog

We have an eight weeks old Matipoo. She suddenly stopped eating a few days after we brought her home. She looked very lethargic. She was drinking a lot of water but puked out the content not long after drinking it. We took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with the parvovirus. We were super scared for her but she was strong and made a gradual recovery after a few weeks.

Story #3 – Puppy Coming Home

After a tiring week of fighting the parvovirus, my puppy finally made it back home. The vet gave the green light after seeing that the dog was very alert, happy, and didn’t vomit or have diarrhea for an extended period of time. Our puppy is still on antibiotics until she fully recovers but we are so happy to see her back in the comfort of home.


  • Rishi | 24/04/2020

    My lab pup is doing vomiting and he did some loose stools too 3 times in 36 hours…
    And it’s been 12 hours we have started the treatment.
    Let me tell you I changed the dog pup food from royal canine to farmina starter Nd my pup only eaten a half bowl after one hour he vomited out everything Nd the then vomiting started iam confuse whether it’s gastritis or parvo coz after one drip treatment he dint vomit Nd nor he did motion..but he is feeling lethargic…

  • Paulette | 14/07/2020

    What’s one dip treatment I think my daughter dog have parvo

  • dana perez | 16/07/2021

    My puppy is on his 5 days recovering from parvo ive been doing everyt9vet had me to do and today is the first time he makes noise again and moving alot more when I touch him though he cries is that normal

  • Rosa | 07/08/2021

    My puppy survived parvo with an antibiotic shot from the vet, pedialyte (unflavored), liquid food high in calories and vitamins, Paxaid and Vibactra from Amazon- Parvo the key is to keep them hydrated and it helps to treat the diarrhea and Nausea. With lots of love your puppy will recover as well!!!

  • Henry | 26/08/2020

    My puppy has parvo. It’s been 4 days now and she hasnt eating anything but she’s still able to stand. She still have bloody stool and vomiting each time a force light food in her. I’m afraid

  • Set Yamada | 14/12/2021

    Can I ask hows your dog today? Is he/she doing well? I have the same case 😭my dog has a parvo.

  • Alexa Acosta | 04/09/2020

    To pet owners!
    My 7 week silver lab had parvo. I had him in the vet for 5 days and taking him home was the best idea ever for him. When pups are sick and left alone they get really sad and can feel the environment. Love and attention is good for their immune system. Also the vet isn’t always a good place for them. Home remedies were: olive oil, unflavored pedialyte, penicillin for animals, fluid injections. 2 days home he was eating and had a lot of energy.

  • Brittany Kuehner | 24/01/2021

    Olive oil?

  • Rochelle | 03/06/2021

    We did the same. Do your research seriously guys.
    We just took our pups to have the test to see if it was parvo and to get a anti sickness jab
    They wanted 2 to 5 grand for everything!
    This website is what we sort of went by but animals recover more quicker then others.
    One of our pups is day one ahead of recovery…
    also instead of the 22gauge needles we used insulin ones.. less painful for them.
    If you need any tips please feel free to message me… but this website should help a lot… wishing all your animals a safe recovery

  • Sondi best | 11/06/2021

    That is exactly what I did, and he is soooo much better. As a matter of fact, it took only one time for my baby to avoid eating and sleeping past 9am and I was at the vet asap!!! He is 9 months old “I gave him the 5 in 1 parvo shot from tractor supply”. Unbeknownst to me, by prolonging all his shots by the vet I put him at risk for the disease anyway. It want happen again.

  • juddy gonzalez | 02/10/2020

    my dog has parvo atm and i am so scared 😞 he haven’t ate for 3 days and his stool is bloody … i took him to the vet and they helped me out, i paid about 1,200 already it’s so much. i couldn’t take him to the vet anymore because it was soo much to pay daily , today was the las day i took him to the vet , my dog is so friendly and so energetic it’s so sad seeing him like this… i’m afraid

  • Chintoo Basumatary | 31/03/2022

    Bruh don’t count the money if you love your dog very much. That money you pay to save this dog will one day come back to you but not your dog. If you save your dog he will one day save your life whenever required. Please don’t give up hope on his little adorable life. If you save your dog one god will definitely do the same for you. You should agree with Karma.

  • AMY Laura WINN | 07/10/2020

    My 9 week old puppy was diagnosed with Parvo 7 days after I bought him for 500$….my strong healthy looking Male dog was the biggest one in the litter, the breeders called him chunky monkey.. he started throwing up on a Saturday evening, then the diarrhea started.. very watery with a toxic fouling smell. . I NEVER thought this would happen to me as i kept my puppy at home secluded with just my family.. he didnt go into fields or parks.. we only had him 1 week and stayed home with him.. I dont know how he could’ve contracted this. BY Sunday night he was STILL vomiting and had the runs and by this time it had been 24 hours since he ate to drank.. by Monday Morning after dry heaving the entire night, my poor puppy lost 2.5 pounds and had wilted away to bones..I’m a nurse and work with the dying, my dog looked like he was very close. He definetly didnt even look like the strong manly puppy he was just 48 hours prior.. he was barely recognizable and super weak.. he was walking but not long distance. Called the vet who thankfully got him in right away to test him, which came back positive for parvo. . We were told it would be 1500$ for a 2 night hospital stay including all the medication, treatment and Iv fluids needed to restore his fluids… it’s been a day and a half since he has been admitted. I’ve gotten an update that he finaly stopped pooping and throwing up after 30 hours straight… vet said it’s been 4 hours that he has held in the fluids so this is positive news but she reminded me that he still has to fight his fight and he isnt out of the woods for sure yet… she will call me in the morning with another update. So plz pray for us, and educate yourselves on this deadly horrific disease.. hug your little fur babies tight, life is so easily takin for granted ♡

  • J. S . | 11/06/2021

    My situation is exact to yours. Unfortunately I could not afford to have my pup in the vet for the drag but they gave her a vaccine of antibiotics that I was told should last 10 days. She’s been on a roller coaster . When I think she’s better , she gets worse . She’s on day 4 since she went to the vet and she literally puked today it had streaks of blood and it was a little discolored. She hasn’t wanted to eat much but I’ve been trying to keep her hydrated and offering chicken broth as well. Please let me know if there is anything you can help for tips. Also , I bought a fluid bag from the vet and she has been getting fluids through under the skin .

  • Divs | 18/06/2021

    Hey. I hope ur dog is fine a d feeling better.Since my puppy going through the same if u could please share your experiences. Would be great help. Please pray for cuby (his name).

  • Jason Trinidad | 29/10/2020

    I have a 5 month old Blue heeler/Australian Cattle dog his symptoms barely showed on Tuesday and it’s Thursday we took him to a clinic and paid 200$ for home treatment process on Wednesday he ate and was very energetic but on Thursday he’s very tired and sleeping constantly. He hasn’t thrown up at all and nor does he bloody stool I’m not sure what to do because I’m only a teen and I’m trying my best to work with my first dog please if anyone has tips or experience with dog please contact me

  • Jaycee | 22/12/2020

    my dog has the exact same symptoms!!! she was just diagnosed with parvo this morning, please let me know if your dog is still alive, i have hope for my dog i’m just nervous because parvo is so deadly!! she’s eating canned chicken and taking her IV and she’s playing and walking but you can tell she’s sick, just super tired and not acting how she normally does:(

  • Amy A Ramage | 24/11/2020

    My 3&1/2 month old bullypitlab, JitterBug, is just getting over parvo. We are homeless so I was so scared when she got sick. First I noticed her poops were a little runny and orange looking. She was still very active and I didn’t really think twice about it. About 5 hours later she was throwing up, wouldn’t eat, poops were liquid and black. There is a 24 hour emergency vet by where I camp. They treated her and worked out a payment schedule with me. For about 24 hours Jitterbug kept down the pedialyte(clear&unflavored) & the (fat included) chicken broth I forced her to eat with a baby medicine syringe. After 24 hours she was back to sick, maybe worse than before. She lost 10.5lbs in 2 days. I read pepto bismol could help, but it didn’t work for her. I went back to the vet and said that I could not afford another visit but I love JitterBug and I asked for help with something to help her keep food down. They gave me CERENIA tablets 24mg. 1 every 24 hours. Within 5 hours (on day 4 of being sick)JitterBug began eating rice and cottage cheese. 10 hours she was wagging her tail and trying to go outside and play. Today is day 6 and she has great energy, her poops is starting to form, she eats like a horse, and drinks tons of water. I know it’s scary but talk to them regularly, pet them, love them….they understand. Pedialyte and chicken broth(not fat free) helped Jitterbug stay alive until Cerenia was needed. Hope this might help someone.

  • Jay Lopez | 17/01/2021

    I have a pug she is 2 moths old she has parvo I got her about a week ago I no the 3rd day she wasn’t the same
    So I took her to the vet they told me she has parvo, they told me needs to be hospitalized but I’m not having the money l, I decipher them to give him two shots one for vomiting and the other one for infections
    Also get the IV to do it at home I did my research online also it’s a lady on YouTube who gives a lot of information today will be Day 5 She is doing well eating by herself and drinking by herself but still have diarrhea Mix with normals feces.
    Look for How to care for your puppy With Parvo at home. Some day they are harder them others

  • Brittany Kuehner | 24/01/2021

    We rescued a bull terrier took her to the vet 700.00 she had a decent bill of health to rehome her and got her on all the proper meds.

    Fast forward 1 week later
    My mastiff is all of the sudden not hungry, slow, and sleepy. Mind you this is my food driven happy go lucky energetic 6 month old. Who has had his shots.
    Night 1 he slept

    Day two walk in a little throw up and small pile of bloody poo
    He is still drinking some and wanting to eat.
    Day three Thursday evening he isn’t doing great not horrible but not the best 11 pm take him to the vet. They want almost 400.00 to see him nothing else but to see him. (My reg vet was closed) I’m pissed and freaking out at the same time.
    Boyfriend gets peptmo and pedialyte
    We give him as much as we could he is puking some of it up. But we start shifts
    Friday 7 am my vet opens and he goes in
    250.00 later he got examined and tested positive for Parvo. He got a anti nausea shot last 24 hr and amoxicillin for dogs. 1.5 tablets every 12 hours
    And told 12 ML pep every 2 hours same with pedialyte.
    Well I said hell with that every 30 min we have pedialyte
    Every 1 hr half pep
    He hated it he hated us he would do good and get color then go down again! We kept up with it I read karo syrup on the gums so I added that.
    Here we are sat
    We woke up no mess no vomit or poo wagging his tail
    Walking I’m like ok gums are pink
    We continue giving him fluids and such
    Then I start cooking soup he seems interested so I have some boiled chicken he ate that and drank water on his own! I was proud so happy so proud
    Threw up 30 min later a little bit but chicken caused it
    He got sluggish again
    I went to petco nothing could help me
    Went to tractor supply !
    Got pumpkin digestive replacement it’s like wet dog food
    Also got milk for like babies has lots of vitamins, so now he gets
    Pep small amounts
    One of milk plain
    Then pumpkin and milk to thin it down

    He’s held it all down and then has eaten chicken twice without vomit and drinking water without vomit.

    I hope this helps but two days of giving liquids he’s like night and day. Getting better just be persistent.

    Each case is different with each dog

  • Kalis Mom | 27/01/2021

    I have a 12 week pitbull puppy, this morning at 730 AM she had thrown up in her kennel had diarrhea no blood. I debated taking her to the vet but eventually did when she just wanted to sleep and lay around and not mess around with our other dog. Around 1130 I was able to get her in.

    She tested positive for parvo but the vet is optimistic as her white blood cells were high. He gave her the following shots
    Vitamin B12
    Metronidazole 150 mg flex tabs
    Naxcel injection
    Cerenia injection.
    and told us to bring her back tomorrow morning at 830 AM.

    So far we have given her plain pedialyte and chicken broth with a syringe because she wasn’t wanting it every hour. It’s now 10:39 PM and her attitude is back and she’s looking for food. Hopefully her little self fights this disease.

  • PAULA JOHNSON | 20/02/2021

    Our Jack Russell, 6 Years Old. Male. Is Having Loose Stool And In House Accidents. He Is House Broken. Night One: Nasty Smell And Semi Loose Stool. Night Two: Loose Stool With Bloody Mucus. We Live On A Ranch With Cows, Horses, Cats, Chickens, And Mules. Is He Getting Something From Them Or Is This Something Else? Eating Very Little. How Do I Help Him? At First Thought It Was Depression. His Housemate Died Several Months Ago From Unrelated Problems, Bone Disease. Please Help. Thank You.

  • Terra | 24/02/2021

    My pup was born 12/20/20 I got her about 3 weeks ago. She had her first set of shots. Waiting to get second round. Never been outside. Doesn’t socialize with any other dogs ever. Today is Wednesday, last Friday my husband noticed pup wasn’t herself. But still kind of eating. A little diarrhea but I figured she ate something of the kids she shouldn’t have and just had an upset tummy. Come Saturday shes much better. Playing with my children bothering the cats. Eating. Then Sunday it all went down hill.. I never noticed blood in her stools. But there was a point I couldn’t tell the difference between vomit or poo. It was such large amounts and the smell.. all I could think of was a sweet rotting smell. I have 3 children and never cleaned poos this rank before.
    I took her to the vet Monday, they want 1600 for a 3 night hospital stay because she tested positive for Parvo. Unfortunately that wasn’t in our budget. So I was sent home a parvo home care kit. Twice a day I administer 300ML of fluids under the skin. It has antibiotics and vitamins and other medication in it. The bags cost me about 96 dollars.
    They did give her a shot in the office to help her. I’m unsure what it was exactly. After just one fluid treatment that I gave her monday night, Tuesday morning she was up wagging her tail. Eating her chicken and rice. Bothering the cats. Drinking water and pedialyte. I am still giving fluids as it is too early to tell. But today I had a somewhat solid poop! It didn’t stink. She hasn’t vomited since Monday evening. I’m not sure if we are out of the woods or not yet. But I truly hope so. And hope everyone is able to catch it in time and get it treated. Hydration is key! My pup is skin and bone since she has been ill but I’m confident we are beating this!

  • Devon | 08/04/2021

    We got our 7 week old huskador puppy Friday afternoon. They said she was given Parvo & distemper treatment vaccine the day before. She started showing symptoms Sunday. Sleeping non-stop all day. – Sunday night, she was vomiting non stop and the foul smelling diarrhea that comes with Parvo. Vet confirmed on Monday with a VERY FAINT POSITIVE snap test. She was given anti-nausea shot and IV fluids and sent home with antibiotic for anti-diarrhea (Metronidazole) They told me she needed to be checked into emergency vet hospital for over night stays. I did my research and immediately got Paxxin & Vibactra Plus from Amazon. I started giving her syringes filled with 3cc of pedialyte every 30 minutes and at night 6cc every hour. !DEHYDRATION IS THE BIG KILLER! First night was the worst. She couldn’t sit up or walk around. Completely lifeless and on deaths door. Tuesday, herbal remedies came in & she was started on Paxxin & Wednesday – the Vibactra Plus as well. Tuesday- I told vet I was going to treat her at home and he didn’t like that. I asked if there were anymore antibiotics he could supply in case she got another infection from the Parvo. He said no, but having done my research, I asked for Amoxicillin & Clav. I was sent home with antibiotics and SQ fluids to inject into her neck scruff. (Don’t be alarmed if huge bubble forms, this is normal and will be absorbed by the body.)
    Wednesday – She woke up howling at 5am, she has been playing on and off all day. Her eyes are hopeful & not lifeless anymore. She has sunbathed and even started eating food again (a simple boiled chicken broth w/ the shredded chicken) !

    So this is her schedule to a T! (my dog is almost 7lbs so adjust accordingly with fluids for dog size)

    PAxxin – every 15 minutes for 1st hour. And every hour after until stomach is calm and no vomiting. ( we only had to do this for 5 hours because she stopped vomiting immediately after taking this)
    3cc of pedialyte every 30 minutes when vomiting & diarrhea are present (they get dehydrated from these)
    Vibactra Plus – 4Xs daily

    **below are taken after a syringe of raw eggs mixture is given**. (vet ordered antibiotics to be taken with food & I read raw egg is good for immune system)
    7:30am – 1cc metronidazole
    7:45am – 1cc amoxicillin & clav

    9am – SQ fluids (injected in scruff) enough where there is a bubble on her neck to be absorbed

    12pm – 2cc activated charcoal mixture (do not give along with other medicine, it can counter act.)

    5pm – SQ fluids injected

    **with raw egg mixture**
    7:30am – 1cc metronidazole
    7:45am – 1cc amoxicillin & clav

    Important stuff to note: your dog will not want to drink, YOU NEED TO FORCE IT DOWN THEIR THROAT. (baby syringes are great & also remedies & vet antibiotics came with them as well)
    Get your dog to a vet and ask for help.. Know what you want and don’t let them turn you away because you won’t pay $5000 to keep your dog overnight.
    Love them up! I feel like being at home with you knowing they are loved helps a lot. Better than being stressed out & alone in a kennel in a hospital.

  • Lora Slade | 12/07/2021

    Bought my little baby on Saturday found out she had parvo on Sunday. Took her to the vet after 6 hours of diarrhea and vomiting. Very tested her and then gave her fluid through an IV. She also gave my baby 2 antibiotic shots. Due to the cost of hospitalization she sent home a bag of fluid, needles and a drilling so I could keep her hydrated at home. So sad. 😥 She doesn’t want to eat so I’ve been feeding her puppy milk replacement, just 1 Thbsp every hour, through a syringe with the needle removed. (I’m a diabetic so I had syringes but you can buy them inexpensively at any pharmacy). This all started yesterday evening and today she is awake longer and no more diarrhea or vomiting. Keep your fingers crossed.

  • Alison | 23/08/2021

    My 8 week old puppy came down with parvo 5 days after we brought her and her brother home. She is the runt, which didn’t help. She spent two nights at the vet but when they wanted to transfer her to a hospital, we were already at the end of what we could do for her financially and so brought her home. The vet was hesitant because she didn’t think our puppy was going to survive the night, but it turned out that home was the right decision. She needed around the clock, one on one care and lots of love. Every 3 hours for 3 days and nights I forced a mixture of corn syrup, water and a little bit of sea salt into her with a syringe (unflavored pedialyte would work too). I also did subq fluids. I also forced her to eat chicken baby food via a syringe, which isn’t recommended, but because she is the runt and only weighs 2 lbs she could not afford to lose any more weight.
    She is on 2 anti diarrheals, an anti nausea, probiotics, an appetite stimulant and antibiotics.
    I made a place for her to sleep next to me using an electric blanket that I kept on low, making kind of a nest for her.
    On day 3 of being home (day 6 of Parvo) she started having solid poop, and a little bit of energy. The next day she started drinking a little on her own. The day after that she started showing some interest in food.
    We are on day 10 and each day she does a little better, but it is going to be a long recovery for her. She is finally eating and drinking on her own, but I am still doing subq fluids because I fear her getting dehydrated. She is 6 lbs behind her brother (who miraculously and knock on wood hasn’t had any symptoms yet). They don’t even look like they are the same age or came from the same litter. It was exhausting and took an emotional toll on her and me, but it was what she needed and I honestly don’t think she would have made it had I not forced food and water into her every 3 hours. Good luck to everyone dealing with this. It’s heart wrenching to watch them suffer and feel so helpless.

  • Jessica Jackson | 07/09/2021

    My baby was diagnosed with parvo on Friday and today is Tuesday 9/7 I spent 1,200 at 2 different vets just for testing , fluids and antibiotics I have read so much on google I scared myself and almost lost hope because I didn’t think I could do it at home but I got the take home medicine from the vet giving him 3 different pills every 24 hours also went to the store and got him a baby feeding syringe HILLS brand from the vet I mixed it with chicken and rice he likes it so far he keeps going back also eating out of his bowl now and I also put pedialyte water unflavored (clear color) in his water so far we are on day 6 and I feel like he’s going to be okay thank god 🙏🏼 Oh and I also BLEACHED my whole apartment down cleaned everything to kill the virus.

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