Puppy Eats Own Poop – What to Do Next

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Are you half-confused, half-horrified by seeing your puppy feasting on his own poop? Also referred to as coprophagia, poop-eating is a behavior that’s more normal than most dog owners realize. Some puppies will grow out of it. Others may keep eating poop because the behavior could be influenced by an underlying illness or other issues.

Why puppies eat their own poop

While it is unsanitary, it could be considered normal to see puppies eat their own poop. It could be part of an instinctual cleaning behavior the puppy picked up from his mother.

There are, however, cases when a puppy might start to eat his own poop due to issues such as illnesses and dietary malnutrition. Puppies need to eat a lot to grow and be healthy. A lack of food or an imbalance of nutrients may encourage the puppy to seek food elsewhere.

Puppies may also start eating their own poop if they are bored or stressed. Imagine a puppy that spends a lot of time alone and doesn’t have many toys to play with. The puppy will get bored fast. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the puppy create his own entertainment by playing with his own poop.

What to do if your puppy eats his own poop

If the poop-eating behavior is infrequent, it might be a case of bidding your time and waiting for the puppy to grow out of eating his own poop. Until you reach that time, it might be a good time to teach your puppy the ‘leave it’ command. Use this command whenever you suspect your puppy is about to eat his own poop.

You should also not give the puppy any chance to eat his own poop. Pick up soon after you see the puppy do his business. Also, make sure your puppy is living a happy life. He should be fed a high-quality diet and should also be given plenty of play time and walks.

Puppies that eat their poop a bit too frequently may benefit from a visit to the vet. It’s important to rule out any medical or dietary issues that could be encouraging the frequency of coprophagia.


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