3 Reasons Why Your Puppy Gets Hiccups All the Time

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Your puppy has a lot of cute behaviors and personality traits, but one characteristic you might not be aware of is that your puppy can get hiccups. Just like people can get hiccups in various situations, puppies can get them as well. While it can be alarming if your puppy is getting the hiccups, rest assured that there are many common causes for this that aren’t a sign of something serious.

1. Your Puppy is Getting Nervous or Excited

Excitement and nervousness are both triggers for puppies to get the hiccups. There might be a lot of external stimuli going on that has your puppy all worked up. These can be positive stimuli such as toys and playing or something more negative, such as nervous feelings around other animals. It’s important that if you notice the external stimuli is causing the issue that you take away that stimuli. Do this for a period of time so that your dog can calm down.

2. Your Puppy Ate His Food too Fast

Your puppy is often really excited when it comes to getting fed breakfast or dinner and might be consuming that food within a matter of minutes (or even seconds). Just like with people, if your puppy is eating the food too quickly, it’s going to cause hiccups. The science behind this is that your puppy is ingesting a large amount of air while scarfing down that bowl of kibble.

This air that is ingested while eating or even drinking is what causes the hiccups. If you notice this happening a lot, you can put less food in the food bowl so that your dog isn’t eating an entire bowl of food at once. Feed in smaller quantities but a little more often can help stop the hiccups from happening when your dog eats. The same can be said for drinking water too.

3. Your Puppy is Breathing Too Quickly While Playing

If your puppy begins breathing too quickly while playing, it’s natural for hiccups to form as a result. Rapid breathing happens often when your puppy is playing, especially when they are jumping or running. This is also another reason as to why puppies are more prone to hiccups, since they are the group most likely to be running around the yard chasing after other dogs and animals.

Hiccups are caused by the irritation in the diaphragm, which create shorter and involuntary spasms. During play, the puppy’s breathing is less calm and regulated, and these irregularities become triggers for the hiccups. If you are playing with your dog and notice the hiccups, stopping the play for a period of time will help your dog get rid of them quicker.

Is it Normal for Puppies to Get Hiccups All the Time?

It’s way more common for puppies to get hiccups than it is an older dog to get hiccups. In fact, you might think that your puppy seems to have the hiccups all the time. The reason for this is because puppies are more excited and have higher energy levels. These quick energy bursts are a perfect recipe for hiccups to start due to the more rapid breathing while playing.

Puppies also have less mature internal organs, meaning they haven’t fully developed yet to keep up with this intense play. Older dogs with more mature internal organs are less likely to develop hiccups since their body is more able to process intense rounds of play. Other body systems also are less mature in a puppy which creates the perfect storm for more rounds of hiccups. The older your dog gets, the less likely your dog will experience these bouts of hiccups.


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