Puppy Vomits Undigested Food Hours After Eating – Top 3 Reasons Why

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For puppies, vomiting is a major concern as they are at the age when they need to be eating well in order to grow. Here are some common reasons that may explain puppies that throw up undigested food hours after eating it.

1. Not enough time between eating and exercising

Do you feed your puppy right after you take them for a walk? It’s important to have a short period of rest between eating and exercising. You need to give the puppy’s stomach enough time to relax before the puppy consumes a large portion of food. The ideal rest time is between 30 minutes to one hour. Without the rest period, some puppies will vomit undigested food not long after they eat because their stomachs aren’t settled.

2. Puppies that eat too fast

Puppies are crazy about their food. Some puppies will eat a bit too quickly. The possibility of vomiting increases when too much food enters the puppy’s stomach in one go. Fast-eating is not encouraged as it can eventually lead to serious health problems like bloat. One way to stop your puppy from vomiting undigested food is by introducing a slow feeder bowl. These bowls stop your puppy from inhaling his kibbles.

3. Consequences of intestinal blockage

This is one of the worst case scenarios. Puppies may throw up undigested food a few hours after eating if they are suffering from intestinal blockage. Dogs tend to be super curious at a young age. The puppy may have accidentally swallowed a non-food item, such as Kong toy rubber, that is causing blockage in the intestines. Naturally, the blockage will cause the undigested food to come back up in the form of vomiting.


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