Is Salt Bad for a Dog’s Paws?

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Yes, salt such as rock salt and snow salt are bad for a dog’s paws. The salt granules can get stuck in the dog’s paws and eventually cause irritation and soreness. It’s not just health of the dog’s paws that you have to worry about. Dogs may also accidentally ingest the salt by licking it off their paws. As we covered in a previous post, dogs that ingest salt are likely to suffer from mild to severe health conditions, depending on the amount of salt ingested.

To keep your dog’s paws safe from salt, it’s important to avoid areas where rock salt or snow salt is likely to be used. This may include popular pathways and driveways. For added measure, you can protect the dog’s paws by getting some doggie boots. Not all dogs, however, are going to like the boots so it might only work well for dogs that have sensitive paws.

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