What to Do if Your Old Dog is Eating Dirt

Senior Dogs

Senior dogs may develop the habit of eating dirt for a variety of reasons. Here are the most common reasons that may result in the dirt-eating behavior among older dogs.

Your Old Dog is Bored

Dogs of all ages may start to engage in unwanted behaviors like eating dirt when they get bored or stressed out. Has there recently been a change in lifestyle or schedule that has resulted in your old dog not getting as much attention as he is used to getting? If so, please make sure the dog is getting the necessary attention and communication he needs. This becomes even more important as your dog gets older.

Your Dog Has a Health Issue

The unfortunate reality is that dogs also become more susceptible to diseases as they get older. The act of eating dirt could be a symptom of an underlying health issue your old dog is suffering from. This could be a number of things such as liver and kidney disease. Your senior dog may also be suffering from cognitive disorders like dementia, which can result in a change in dog behavior. Make sure to get your old dog checked with the vet if you notice concerning signs or changes in behavior.

Something About the Dirt Tastes Good

Perhaps some leftover food spilled into the dirt or there’s something else in the dirt that makes it smell good. Eating a tiny bit of dirt would usually not cause much harm to dogs (unless the dirt contains any harmful bacteria and pathogen) but eating a lot could pose a serious health threat, especially for old dogs that don’t have as strong of a digestive tract.

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