Why Your Dog is Skinny Even Though He Eats a Lot

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It can be a worrying sight when you can still see a bit of your dog’s rib cage even though he is eating as much as he needs to. There couple be a number of reasons why this could happen to your dog. It’s most likely health or diet-related.

Your Dog Has Internal Parasites

Your dog could eat pounds of food but he will continue to remain skinny if he has intestinal parasites. This fortunately isn’t as common as it used to be but it’s still possible for dogs to get intestinal parasites. Common parasites include roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms.

Some of these parasites, such as the roundworm, will eat partially-digested food in the dog’s intestinal tract. A large number of parasites will have a huge impact on the dog’s growth and would explain the skinniness of dogs that are affected by it. We recommend regular de-worming treatment as long as the vet recommends it for your dog.

It might be necessary to keep your dog in quarantine if he is affected by internal parasites. Make sure the dog is kept away from other dogs to reduce the likelihood of transmission.

Skinny Due to Dietary Changes

Dogs can also stay skinny if they aren’t eating the right balance of food. Did you recently make a change to your dog’s diet? For example, it’s possible for the new dog food to contain less calories than the previous one the dog was given. We would pay close attention to whatever you have been feeding your dog recently and make sure that he is getting the right balance of nutrients, including protein and fat.

Skinny Due to Diabetes

For older dogs, it’s possible that they are skinny even though they eat due to diabetes, which is one of several health conditions that can cause dogs to lose weight rapidly. A trip to the vet would be recommended if you see other concerning symptoms (such as excessive water drinking) aside from the skinny appearance.


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