Why Your Dog Sounds Like He Has a Hairball in His Throat

If your dog sounds like he has a hairball stuck in his throat then there is a strong possibility that he has caught a contagious infection like kennel cough. Dogs that have this condition may start to do a lot of harsh and dry coughing. This sound of having a hairball stuck in the throat may also be accompanied by other symptoms like a reduction in appetite and the development of runny nose.

Kennel cough is not considered a fatal infection but it can lead to something worse like pneumonia if it isn’t treated appropriately. If your dog recently came from places like an animal shelter or a dog day care facility then there is a chance that he has caught the kennel cough.

We would recommend checking with the vet for next steps. For mild conditions, some good rest might be all that your dog needs to get rid of the hairball sound. Bloodwork and chest x-rays could be proposed by veterinarians for more serious conditions.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


  • Milton Bennett | 14/09/2021

    My chihuahua sneezes on a regular basis a lot. She’s around 12 and has a very poor appetite after a recnt divorce

  • Abbie Mungaray | 30/09/2021

    My dog is always eating anything he sees or finds. I can’t even leave him alone for minute if he goes poop and you don’t get it right away he will eat it I’m so worried he will make himself sick. What can I do for him.

  • Tammy | 01/11/2022

    My little dog acts like he is trying to catch up something. He eats and drinks good. No distress and is in the pen with 2 other dogs that don’t do it. What is the problem?

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