Dog Throws Up After Drinking Water – Top 3 Reasons Why

Dogs can throw up for a variety of random reasons, one of which is when dogs throw up after drinking water. The severity of the cause can range from harmless to serious. Here are the most common reasons for dogs that do throw up after drinking water.

1. Drinking too much water too quickly

One of the most common reasons is when a dog drinks too much water at once. This could also be why you see your dog throwing up more often in the morning. The dog might be experiencing dehydration or excessive thirst as a result of not drinking enough water before sleeping. The excitement from drinking a lot of water in a short time span can cause discomfort in the dog’s body and cause the dog to throw up clear liquid.

There are a number of solutions for dogs that have a tendency to drink water too quickly. One solution is to get your dog a slow water feeder. These bowls are designed to limit the amount of water a dog can lick up. You could also try to encourage your dog to get more water from his food (and limit the amount of water in the water bowl) by soaking some kibbles in water or by adding an appropriate amount of wet food to your dog’s diet.

2. Drinking contaminated water

Dogs may throw up not long after drinking water that is dirty or contaminated. This could, for example, happen if a dog drank water from an outside source, such as water from a pond or stagnant rainwater that haven’t dried up. There may have been debris in the water that causes your dog to gag or cough after getting stuck in the throat. The contaminated water may also have bacteria that manifests itself into an infection.

3. Intestinal Blockage

Your dog may be suffering from intestinal blockage issues after consuming a foreign indigestible object such as eating a plastic wrapper. Food and water content will be able to barely squeeze through, especially if the blockage is happening in the small intestines. The food and water content, as a result, may move back into the stomach and result in nausea and vomiting.

Intestinal blockage is a serious problem and should be treated as soon as possible. For dogs that do suffer from this problem, you may notice them throwing up a mix of yellow bile and clear liquid after they drink water.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


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