My Dog Threw Up Specks of Blood – Top 3 Reasons Why

You should be calling the vet if you haven’t already done so. Here are the most common reasons for dogs that suddenly throw up vomit up with specks of blood.

1. Injury in the mouth or throat

Red blood would usually indicate there is a problem at the top of the dog’s gastrointestinal system, including parts like the mouth and throat. Not enough time have passed yet for the blood to harden and turn a dark color. A small injury might explain the specks of blood. For example, a small laceration in the mouth or throat may cause specks of blood to get mixed in as the bile or vomit content makes it way up from the stomach.

Laceration could occur if your dog ate something with sharp edges, such as eating pieces of a rubber toy or eating fragile bones. Oral lacerations and wounds should be properly cleaned and disinfected to prevent the development of inflammation and infections.

2. Irritation from gastrointestinal ulcers

Ulcers may also explain the presence of blood specks in the dog’s vomit. Stomach ulcers, for example, develop when the barrier that protects the stomach lining becomes too weak. Vomiting is a common consequence for dogs that suffer from ulcers. The vomit is usually accompanied with specks of blood or material that resembles a coffee ground.

3. Presence of intestinal parasites

Parasites like hookworms and roundworms are known to cause bloody vomits. These intestinal parasites can damage the lining of the dog’s intestinal tract. The resulting discomfort and pain may cause dogs to throw up specks of blood. This situation can be avoided by putting your dog on a proper deworming schedule and making sure the dog isn’t eating that can pass on intestinal parasites.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


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