It’s Very Unlikely for Vaccinated Dogs to Get Rabies


One of the most important vaccinations that dogs should receive is the rabies vaccine. This viral disease can be fatal to dogs that catch it and there’s nothing more effective to preventing it than making sure your dog is on the rabies vaccination schedule.

A concern that dog owners could have is whether it is possible for a vaccinated dog to get rabies after being bitten by a rabid animal. While no vaccine is 100% effective, it would be very, very unlikely for vaccinated dogs to get rabies.

There might be two instances, however, when a vaccinated dog might be vulnerable to the viral disease. The first instance would be when the vaccination is not up-to-date. The effects of the rabies vaccination aren’t permanent. Dogs will need to get annual boosters in order to maintain their immunity against the virus. Dog owners should keep close tab of this.

The second instance would be if the dog got bitten by a rabid animal before the body had a chance to build immunity/antibodies against the rabies virus. How long it takes for a dog’s body to build antibodies will differ per animal. According to this article, animals who receive their initial vaccination could be considered immunized within 28 days.

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