How to Make Dogs Vomit Without Hydrogen Peroxide

Disclaimer: The content on is for informational purpose only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.

3% hydrogen peroxide is the go-to home remedy to induce vomiting but what if you don’t have any at home? The reality is that there isn’t any other home remedy that is as safe and effective. You should call the vet straight away for advice if your dog has an emergency and is in a situation when a vomit-inducing procedure is appropriate.

We can’t help you with recommending alternatives to 3% hydrogen peroxide but what we can share are remedies you most definitely shouldn’t try on your dog to induce vomiting.


Salt is an absolute no-no as a vomit-inducing procedure. Salt, especially in large amounts, is toxic to dogs and can result in sodium poisoning. It won’t help your dog throw up any bad content inside his stomach. Instead, it will exacerbate the situation and make your dog even more sick. Salt poisoning, for example, may lead to symptoms like excessive dehydration. Please don’t consider salt as an alternative to 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Olive oil

Olive oil may not be considered toxic to dogs but it can lead to further complications, especially if you are trying to use it to get your dog to vomit. Ingestion of oily and fatty foods can lead to the development of conditions like pancreatitis. The dog may eventually vomit but not for the reasons intended. Ingestion of oil may lead to bilious vomiting syndrome. Instead of vomiting out the offending content, the dog may simple throw up yellow bile many hours later.

Using your fingers

This is for your own safety. Don’t try to induce vomiting by sticking your finger down the dog’s throat.


  • susan byrd | 04/01/2022

    Do NOT give hydrogen peroxide to a dog for any reason. Inquiry about other solutions.
    Learn what to do in emergencies. Have a pet file.

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