Dog Throws Up During Fireworks or a Loud Storm – What to Do Next

Disclaimer: The content on is for informational purpose only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.

Some dogs may begin to act abnormally during loud events, such as a thunderstorm or a firework. The suddenness of loud noises and flashy colors may cause major distress in dogs. In addition to symptoms like excessive panting and pacing, some dogs may also throw up. Here are some steps that may help dogs that have a serious phobia of loud events like storms and fireworks.

1. Get an anxiety vest for your dog

In many cases, you would know about an upcoming thunderstorm or a firework event. In preparation for these loud events, you could put an anxiety vest on your dog’s body. ThunderShirt is one of the most popular brands among dog owners. The anxiety vest may help your dog keep calm and reduce his likelihood of throwing up. The anxiety vest does this by applying a gentle, constant pressure to a dog’s torso.

2. Medication for anxiety disorders

Dogs with major anxiety and noise sensitivity may need medication like Xanax to help them keep calm in the event of a loud storm or firework event. This, in turn, should stop them from throwing up after a stressful event. Distress doesn’t always come in the form of loud events. Some dogs, for example, are known to throw up after a bath because they absolutely hate water.

Your dog will need to get a diagnosis from the vet to determine whether medication is necessary to help with the dog’s anxiety disorder.

3. Desensitizing and counter-conditioning

It might be possible to condition your dog so he no longer fears the loud noises that come from events like storms and fireworks. This is done by rewarding your dog with high-value treats when they are exposed to a trigger that replicates the loud noise. Some pet owners have had success by using recordings of fireworks. You start with a low volume and increase it as your dog becomes more comfortable with the trigger.

Underlying health problems may also result in dogs throwing up after a firework or a storm. Go see the vet if you are ever in doubt.


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