Dog Won’t Leave His Bum Alone – Top 3 Reasons Why

Has your dog suddenly started to paw and bite his bum till no end? Here are a few common reasons that may explain a dog that won’t leave his bum alone.

1. Parasites like worms and fleas

Certain parasites may cause a lot of irritation or discomfort near the rear of the dog’s body. Dogs with tapeworm infection, for example, may not leave their bum alone by continuing to scoot around their bum to relieve the discomfort. External parasites like fleas and ticks may have also left their mark on the dog’s bum.

2. Anal gland infections

Dogs may not leave their bum alone if they are feeling the pain of anal gland infections. Dogs with this condition may start to leak brown fluid all over the place! You may notice the dog being more bothered while they are doing their toilet business. The swollen and distended sacs may make it more painful for dogs to pass feces.

3. Dog is really bored

Some dogs may not leave their bum alone due to an unproductive lifestyle. They may try to fulfill their boredom by suddenly developing compulsive behaviors such as licking the base of their tail. Make sure your dog is getting plenty of mental and physical stimulation if a health disorder isn’t the cause of the unusual behavior.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


  • Carol Kelley | 09/03/2023

    I’m on a fixed income due to a disability! I have 2 dogs that was surrendered to animal clinic! I’m be had them both for bout 5 yrs! One is a black lab named Cash — he was on a medication called Simparco for scratching & licking his self all the time & also has very long nails that he refuses to let anyone mess with unless he’s out to sleep to do them & the 2nd dog’s name is Ziri – she is a Rottweiler/ Shepard mix she is over Wei due to laying around all the time but mainly needs her shots as well as something like a growth in her bottom left eye lid! Due to my limited income I haven’t been able to take either one of them for checkups & updated immunizations! I was wanted to see if I can get some kind of financial help with their vet visits???

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