4 Reasons Why Dogs Keep Yelping in Pain Randomly

Is your dog suddenly going through an episode of random yelps? Here are some common reasons that may explain the mysterious pain that’s causing your dog to yelp.

Your Dog has Joint or Muscle Problems

Your dog could be suffering from joint or muscle problems in specific sections of the body. This may cause the dog to yelp when they perform a specific body moment. Joint problems can form due to two issues: developmental and degenerative problems.

Developmental problems occur due to a dog’s hereditary predisposition. Hip dysplasia, for example, is a hereditary condition common among larger-breed dogs such as Great Danes and German Shepherds. These dogs may start to yelp in pain as they start to feel the effects of these conditions.

Degenerative joint and muscle problems occur due to overuse or age. Osteoarthritis is one common example of this. A life spent playing, jumping, and running will eventually wear down a dog’s body. Dogs with joint conditions will likely display other symptoms such as having difficulty lying down, having trouble climbing stairs, or showing a reluctance to jump.

We strongly recommend you visit the vet as soon as possible in case your dog is suffering from any one of the above health conditions. Also, while it won’t resolve the immediate problem, it wouldn’t hurt to have your dog on joint supplements to ensure they are getting the necessary nutrients to maintain healthy joints.

Your Dog is Suffering from an Infection

Joint and muscle problems aren’t the only health issues that may cause your dog to randomly yelp in pain. It could also be an infection that’s causing him to yelp in discomfort. For example, a middle or inner ear infection is very painful for dogs and may cause them to yelp in pain when their ears get touched.

Pay closer attention to your dog’s behavior to monitor for other worrying health symptoms such as a change in stool appearance, lethargic movements, whimpering, and vomiting or diarrhea.

Your Dog is Suddenly Feeling Anxious

Your dog might yelp in a painful tone if he experiences a sudden surge in anxiety or stress. For example, he may be reacting to something he senses in the environment. He may yelp because he is frightened by the presence of a stranger in his territory, or due to behavioral issues such as separation anxiety.

Keep note of the occurrences when your dog yelps and see if you can identify any common patterns in his yelping behavior. For example, tne random yelping may be occurring in the evening when people nearby are returning from work. This information will help a vet or pet behaviorist better understand the underlying issues.

Your Dog is Suffering from Cramps

Yes, even dogs are susceptible to cramps and muscle spasms. Cramps can occur due to an overexertion of the muscles. Common symptoms include twitching and tremor, limping, slow movement, and having temporary difficulty straightening their legs.

You can prevent your dog from feeling cramps and muscle spasms by making sure he gets plenty of small breaks in between a play session, and making sure he has access to drinking water throughout his play or exercise session.

Can I Give my Dog Anything for Pain?

It’s an understandable reaction for dog owners to want to give their dog something to alleviate their pain, but it’s ultimately something you shouldn’t do without approval from the vet. Any over-the-counter medication you do give to your dog may end up making things worse.

Outside of medication, the thing we do recommend is to make sure your dog has access to plenty of drinking water and to limit your dog’s movement (e.g. avoid stairs and other strenuous physical activities) until your dog’s pain has been diagnosed by a vet. As mentioned before, it also wouldn’t hurt to have your dog on joint supplements to make sure they are getting the necessary nutrients for maintaining healthy joints and muscles.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


  • Karla | 27/01/2020

    My dog is yelping like something is hurting her! This morning we were laying in bed and she cries out!! I can’t seem to figure out what’s bothering her and I definitely don’t have the money to take her to the vet!!

  • Anthony Battaglia | 15/02/2020

    My dog is doing the same thing. One minute she’s laying there and then she suddenly yelps! She keeps looking around like she’s looking at something.

  • Sheldon Box | 10/06/2021

    My 5yr old female Doberman started doing this today..A painful yelp out of the blue for no reason then just sits there as if she is ” looking at something”. I’ve examined her feet, ears ,body not seeing anything at all physically wrong..She is calm now but about 15mins ago I heard the most painful yelp and this has been going on for about two hours…

  • casey michelle hardiman | 16/09/2021

    This is exactly what my dog is doing right now. What ended up happening for you and your pup?

  • Theresa | 23/12/2021

    I went to give her a hug this morning like normal and she whelped, and she is doing it Everytime she moves. I end up taking her to the vet, and after along day there and $670 later all labs were perfect. She eat, drinks potty is normal. Then I get her home and starts. Can’t get settled, Everytime she moves she cries. So this is what I caught. She was on my bed and I gave her a hug and she cried out in pain. I noticed on her left side is where the pressure is when I hug here and it’s not hard. I started rubbing her shoulder area and I felt twitching not like her body shake but like a spasm, a never shaking. I started rubbing it and she calmed down and I was putting some force on the rub after a few minutes, and she justed stared at me and kept closing her eyes. When I stopped she lightly whimpers. The I start rubbing with some pressure and she just gets all relaxed and the never stops.

  • Jordan Rogers | 11/01/2022

    My dog it’s doing the exact same thing! She has been trembling every time she breathes and yelping out of nowhere. What ended up happening to your dog? I don’t think it’s anxiety.

  • Lisa | 02/04/2022

    My dog does this about every 3 months it seems and last for a day. I have taken her to the vet for it and they told me it was her anal glands. Because she will lick her foot or butt. I’m not 100 percent certain that’s it. She just had her expelled last Sunday. I am trying to make a vet appointment again. I kills me to see her like this. She is a beagle

  • Kim | 24/06/2021

    My 6.5 month old Yorkie sleeps on us all the time. When you move or go to pet him he yelps and then runs away. If I try to pick him up to comfort him or pet him he tries to bite me. NOT play biting. Then he won’t come near us. This just happened suddenly 2 weeks ago after a grooming appointment at Pet Smart. I figured they traumatized him somehow but he’s still doing it. There doesn’t seem to be anything physically wrong with him as he plays like a maniac all day.

  • Rose cameron | 19/07/2021

    My dog started yelping 3 days ago he walks ok have examined him and he did not yelp while I was examined him the first day he was walking backwards like he was backing on from something .he gives a yelp out roughly 3 to 4 times a day I can’t figure it out.he also looks very depressed I would say not his usual playful self he is a Welsh corgi

  • Alyssa Silva | 26/09/2021

    My dog started doing this a couple weeks ago. did you find out why your dog does this? Also a few times a day.

  • Katie | 27/08/2021

    Did you figure out what was wrong with your dog? Our dog is doing something similar.

  • Sara | 22/11/2021

    Don’t take him back to groomer – groom him yourself

  • Rebecca | 12/04/2022

    I’m having that problem..but my baby boy was fine all day then all of a sudden when I touched he yelps and run away scared if I come close to him

  • Mari | 29/04/2022

    My dog had a grooming appointment last week and she is yelping and anxiety how weird

  • Kala L Syrie | 04/10/2021

    Same here my dog is doing the same. I’m starting to think he sees something I can’t kinda freaky

  • Kristain | 28/11/2021

    My dog started yelping horribly and is now even getting aggressive and trying to bite me. Started almost 2 weeks ago. He’s a 9 year old chihuahua but still not like him at all to try to bite me. He has a wild look in his eyes and acts like he is confused and even like he doesn’t know me sometimes. I can’t even touch him now. I started doing research and I think it’s Vaccinosis from a rabies shot he had about a year back. He’s had other symptoms since he received the shot but I didn’t put two and two together until now. There is something called “Rabies Miasm” that I think he has. It’s where the rabies vaccine can actually cause rabies symptoms. The dog doesn’t actually have rabies but exhibits some or all of the symptoms. Rabies causes extreme pain of the spine and swelling of the brain so the dog is in a lot of pain from inflammation and nerve pain. They also can have hallucinations of scary things because of the inflammation which is why people say it looks like their dog is seeing something imaginary. I’m looking up homeopathic remedies and naturopathic vets who may be able to help since regular vets refuse to believe vaccines cause any damage, but they can, and they do, and it’s our pets that suffer the consequences. Vaccines of all types can cause chronic conditions throughout an animals life and it’s not being linked back to vaccinations. It’s worth looking into and doing some research. I’m looking at Belladonna for a remedy. My dog will not be getting any further vaccines I know that for a fact.

  • Glenda | 28/02/2022

    I hope your dog has gotten better since you posted this. Your research on the rabies thing may be correct…I don’t know anything about that, but you don’t mention taking him to a vet.
    Several years ago my chihuahua had exactly the same symptoms. The vet diagnosed him with seizures and put him on a low dose of phenobarbital which he was on for the rest of his life. When he got old the seizures came back even with him still on the medication but they were mild and didn’t last long.

  • nicole | 02/03/2020

    my dog, he keeps randomly yepling to! and he also is walking away from us and we dont knwo what is wrong with him x

  • Jordan | 10/03/2020

    Did you figure out why your dog’s yelps?

  • suchith | 01/04/2020

    i have the same problem when she wakes up from laying she sound pain

  • Jessica Brainerd | 30/04/2020

    My dog is suddenly doing the same thing… Everything else is normal.. Keep checking his whole body to see if something hurts but its only when he wakes up. He has a vet appt Monday but its a new vet and I cant go in with him because of the covid and he hates new people

  • chanelle | 05/03/2021

    did you ever figure out what was wrong? my dog is doing the same thing

  • Jenny greaves | 07/06/2020

    My jack Russell yelps like something is hurting him and my vets vets arent open yet due to focus 19 and I have tried to get him comfy and he can’t just get settled at all

  • Deborah | 06/07/2020

    Mine just started doing this today and I have a beagle/jack Russell mix. Did you ever find out what it could be? I’m worried about him because it’s not normal for him to do this.

  • Pat O'Hara | 30/01/2021

    Your dog could have a ear infection

  • Trish | 01/02/2021

    I have a 13 year old Jack Russell beagle mix that randomly yelps as well. More often than not it’s when she is interacting with someone, reaching /getting pets but upon physical inspection, never repeats the Yelp.
    One occurrence last year(different from the random outbursts) she was visibly distressed and would not put weight on one of her paws, and I thought she had injured herself until I started closely inspecting her poo & discovered that she had been eating the new silicone pellet cat litter we switched to. Barricading the cat liter box resolved that issue.

  • Mistee | 14/04/2021

    Definitely could be his muscles or arthritis 😭

  • Deborah Kinney | 27/04/2021

    I have a Chihuahua mix (9 pounds). Yelps in pain in the morning. Shakes and whole body stiff. Burps and spurs up. Sometimes vomits. Vet gave 5 mg Pepcid AC in am and eve. Food is rice and boil chicken. Did not work. Full panel blood, x-rays normal. Trying anti nausea meds and prescrip protein food. If this doesn’t work I am thinking cramps.

  • Dee Jones | 07/04/2022

    Mine is doing the same what was wrong with your Jack Russell

  • Pat O'Hara | 30/01/2021

    Your dog might have ear infection. If it’s shaking it’s head Alot then that’s the problem

  • Ryan | 06/04/2021

    My Aussie was doing this for the first two hours after waking up. Finally, he threw up a lot of yellow stomach bile. He has since stopped yelping.

  • Rose cameron | 19/07/2021

    My dog started yelping 3 days ago he walks ok have examined him and he did not yelp while I was examined him the first day he was walking backwards like he was backing on from something .he gives a yelp out roughly 3 to 4 times a day I can’t figure it out.he also looks very depressed I would say not his usual playful self he is a Welsh corgi

  • Marcie Smith | 11/08/2021

    Did you find out what caused this in your dog? Mine is doing the same.

  • Jacob | 19/10/2021

    Need to get him
    To a vet immediately that is not good could possibly be from eating things that are rotten or old or dead, my dog nearly died from this and was throwing up same yellow bile

  • Sherry | 02/02/2020

    I don’t know what it is or why. She is healthy and barley adopted her last month. She is about 2 months old. A few times she has yelped/screamed. At random. Yeah, it makes me feel like I am hurting her but then again just wonder if shes being vocal? Acts fine immediately after as her sweet self or goes back to playing. She has a clean bill of health but the random cries are non the less anxiety raising.

  • Sherry | 02/02/2020

    She is a Husky and Healer mix. Im here stressing and she is just having some play growls playing and is perfectly fine. Like she is talking. A lot of the times I wish communicating with animals full on was a capability. 🤦 Swear I’m not over here needing PETA called. She is such a spaz.

  • Olivia | 01/03/2020

    My dog does this about once a year. She will go through a phase where sudden touches will cause her to yelp. I’m thinking allergies, but she has no other symptoms. We’ve brought her to the vet several times. She is always normal. I don’t know what this is.

  • Mark Chandler | 31/01/2022

    Our Bernese Mt Dog (Dr. Bellows) does the same thing. Sometimes sudden touches will cause him to yelp for no apparent reason. You can touch the spot again and he is perfectly fine with it. No rashes or anything discoverable. He only occasionally yelps with a sudden touch. He has no problem if he sees you are about to touch him or if the touch is not sudden or a surprise.

  • Meghan fuller | 13/05/2020

    SO yesterday we found out that we couldn’t pick up my 6 year old Pomeranian and she is getting worse and she cant even move without yelping does anyone know what I can do?

  • Wendy | 19/01/2021

    Hey there! My dog seems to be going to something very similar to what your has been suffering through. It’s only been 2 days but out of the blue she is helping and crying for no reason we took her to the vet got tests, bloodwork and x-rays they found nothing and in the end just prescribing anti acids and some antibiotics. My poor baby is still in pain I can pet her softly but randomly any sudden moment or if she tries to get up she wimpers yelps and cries. Did you ever find any resolution to your puppies pain and suffering? Please help if you have any suggestions! I just don’t know what to do. 🙁

  • Pat O'Hara | 30/01/2021

    Hey your dog might have a ear infection

  • Lindsey | 07/08/2021

    I’m having the same problem with my poor girl. She is in heat so I thought maybe that’s what it is. It hurts my heart not knowing what going on. If I even get up too fast she yelps like shes been hurt.

  • Christine Glover | 04/09/2021

    My dog does the same, just did it before, I don’t know why, took him to vet, he said it was anal glands so he expressed them, he’s on antibiotics at the moment coz he’s had diarrhea, been back to vet and he said he was a sensitive dog, it’s puzzling! I think he’s starting with arthritis, he’s going upstairs slowly, not like he used to when he would run up, but he runs down!!
    I’ve brushed him and he’s OK, I’ve examined all over his body and he’s OK.

  • Jacob Gregory | 19/10/2021

    Take to another vet

  • Olivia Mendoza | 05/12/2021

    This is happening to my dog right now did you find anything out?

  • Maria | 17/06/2022

    Wendy, what ever became of this issue with your pup?

  • Stacie | 24/10/2021

    Did you find out what it was? My pom started doing that a couple hours ago. Yelps like she is in horrible pain.

  • Jessie Collins | 16/03/2022

    Did you ever find out what it was? I have a 13 year old Pom who just started this a day ago.

  • Christine | 15/05/2020

    My dog does the same thing happen for no reason has anybody found a reason why they do it

  • Rand Vance | 28/07/2020

    I have a three year old Rottweiler that is going through this same thing. All if a sudden he just started running and yelping and I couldn’t see any injuries. But any time I get near hind legs. He starts growling at me. And he starts acting vicious. I can’t figure out what to do and can’t afford to take him to the vet with the COVID-19 situation. Any ideas?

  • Chad Evans | 07/02/2021

    Any update?

  • Jaci Gilstrap | 11/03/2021

    Is his tail docked?

  • Loz | 17/08/2020

    I contacted the emergency vet for my dog during the covid lockdown. I explained I was on benefits and he recommended someone else as the fees for emergency during covid were almost triple! Hope it helps?!

  • Mitzi Davis | 26/08/2020

    My dogs six-year-old loss up so I will send she wakes up out of his sleep and he is like not having it with anybody touch it is lower back area Ed his belly area he walks and he kind a like it seems like he’s a balance but his buddy Kenny is in a U-shaped seems like he’s in a lot of pain what do I do please help me

  • Jennifer | 22/08/2021

    My dog did the same thing last night! He was running around very nervous and panting then would stop for a minute and wouldn’t leave my side. Then Yelp and trot around the house panting. He was looking at his hind end, he did this for over a hour. Also screamed when I touched his tail. I’m not sure if it was severe constipation or worms? I gave him a probiotic and a Xanax and he finally got rest. He seems ok this morning. I am going to take to the vet hopefully on Monday. I will tell you all results when I find out.

  • Ann | 12/09/2020

    I’ve observed this twice now since adopting my dog (Samoyed/Alaskan Husky mix) in February. Once in mid August, then the other day. Comes on suddenly, lasts for a day or two, then back to normal like all is fine. Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why he does this and no one is ever able to find anything wrong with him. So frustrating. Wish he could talk to me!

  • Zack | 28/09/2020

    We have an 11 week old English Bulldog and are new pet parents. We took “Brooklyn” to the vet for her 2nd set of vaccinations (first time with us) this past Thursday. She has been lethargic for a days but has also started to cry out in pain with nothing going on then seems OK. Like I said she has been more lazy the past few days but she is eating just fine, and is drinking lots of water with her stool looking normal. We want to do the best thing for her but honestly. We don’t know what that means. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • Steve | 05/10/2020

    My Miniature Pinscher has same issues and he is 12-14 yrs old. I believe he may have pulled a muscle in his neck or back. I massage his neck gently and he seems to be getting better. I give him a joint supplement and have had him on that for years. He still loves walks and is eating and going number one and two as usual. I’m taking him to vet in a couple days. Any ideas?

  • Robert Ghezelayagh | 20/10/2020

    Our vet told us it was a sprained neck or muscle not sure about that they gave us medicine and she still Yelps suddenly

  • Flor de maria Mejia | 27/10/2020

    My dog is crying in pain is a chihuahua 7 years old I don’t know what to do his appointment is tomorrow this is so sad I have to wait

  • Mamma's | 29/10/2020

    My dog is doing the same thing, she is a poodle 4 pounds, she is around 8 yrs old, she cries when u pick her up and start to licking her lip, can’t go and take her had lung cancer had surgery I’m been quarantine, cannot afford taking her to a vet, please helppppp

  • Jane | 20/11/2020

    My experience with many dogs, it will nearly always be sudden severe pain and should be checked out if it persists? My dog sometimes yelps, specially when she is lying down, she jumps up and runs about as if something is chasing her? Vet X-ray shows she has elbow dysplasia, (sadly common in some breeds as is hip dysplasia) she may have stretched out the leg and elbow when asleep and the osteoarthritis that sets in the joint caused a sudden sharp pain. She is on regular Meticam and reduced exercise (especially no stairs and jumping down from the car, sofa etc ) loosing weight helps if dog is too heavy? Recently she suddenly started yelping/barking and running around uncontrollably , totally manic…. I then noticed next day her shake her head and it was sometimes tilted on one side; turns out she had a severe really painful middle ear infection that should always be treated ASAP with pain killers and antibiotics . So many causes, but it is nearly always sudden pain? We have vets PDSA that will always treat animals if owner can not afford fees?

  • Jane | 20/11/2020

    Apart from arthritis and joints…Infected teeth are very conmen , especially in small dogs, untreated infection can spread throughout their body and as we know toothache is really awful; hopefully there is always a kind friend or neighbour than can take our babies to the vet if we are unable?

  • Carol | 06/12/2020

    I have a 2 year old shih tzu puppy that will just Yelp and shiver in pain. I took her to emergency vet. 600.00 and nothing. Took her to her regular vet when she started again with the yelping. X-ray,blood tests everything you can do! Still found nothing! Close to a 1,000.00 she stills yelps and shivers in pain!

  • Ana | 10/12/2020

    My 4 month old Beagle started yelping in pain yesterday. He’s completely normal otherwise and only yelps when laying down and changing position (therefore, my family members refuse to take him to the vet because they say there’s nothing to tell them apart from the fact that he yelps). Any thoughts?

  • Sally Anne Shoebridge | 18/12/2020

    Hi I would still take your dog to the Vets as it sounds like a Skeletal problem and an X-ray will show this up. I have the same problem, she had X-rays yesterday but they came out fine. There are a few other thing it could be and I am glad I did the X-rays as u was starting to be scared to pick her up. Your vets will be able to help but you need to investigate so as you can, like me, start ruling things that it could be out…Regards

  • Jacob Gregory | 19/10/2021

    He’s obviously in pain tell them when he gets up and moves this dog needs to be checked ASAP!

  • Monica | 22/10/2021

    My one year old Beagle started randomly yelping this summer. The first time we were on a walk and she screamed, tucked her tail, and kept looking back at her hind quarters. She did it several times on the way home and people must have thought I was kicking her. Now she does this about once a week, same yelp, same reaching toward her hind area, tail, hips and then just as quickly snaps out of it. Then she looks scared and cowards down like something struck her. Vet says its idiopathic, unknown at this point, expressed her anal gland, but nothing shows up. She seems rather young for arthritis. My poor baby!

  • Shereen | 12/12/2020

    My 16 year old mixed breed has been healthy but in last week or so helps for no apparent reason. Suddenly gets up from sleep yelping and startled. Very upsetting. The vet says she has arthritis. Taking medication has helped her to be more steady on her feet. Yelping continues occasionally. Worried.

  • Diane G | 02/06/2021

    My 13 yr old dachshund is doing this now only when he sleeps, I’ve cried every time not knowing how to fix it. Dr gave him steroids, pain meds, and gabapentin yesterday, but he became a zombie😭 He is fine seconds after the episode but I need some sleep and so does he. Not sure what to do

  • Sally Anne Shoebridge | 18/12/2020

    My mixed breed female, 5 year old has the same problems, intermittent yelping which lasts about 2 mins of frantic yelping. I had X-rays taken yesterday but they have come back clear. I had started to worry when I picked her up in fear that I could make her worse. Now the X-rays have proved negative at least I can remove that worry. However there are a few more investigations that I can have carried out.
    To all of the people who have posted here please don’t worry that you have very little to tell a vet, just make sure you visit one as you too need to start ruling out possible conditions. If you have no money due to the current Covid-19 situation as far a work goes, some vets will draw up a payment plan allowing you to spread the cost. Also if you live near a PDSA and get housing benefit you can get help from them, and you just make a donation if what you can afford. Don’t forget the RSPCA, or the Blue Cross will also help. Please don’t leave your dog without a trip to a vet…Good luck to everyone’s suffering dogs . 💖

  • Mary Fanning | 20/02/2021

    My dog yelped this morning as if she was in pain. I had just given her and my other dog treats. She was a victim of extreme abuse. Her previous owner cut her ear off and beat her with a baseball bat, crushing her hips. She doesn’t have the ball joint area like we do. She was young when this happened. I think she’s about 6 years old now. I got her to get up and walk. Could the pain have been caused from hip pain or she has chronic ear infections (yeast infections) because she doesn’t have the ear part that protects against germs. I’m broke due to being laid off from covid but will do whatever it takes if she’s in pain. I’m going to call her vet at the emergency room that treated her. Is there something I can do now? I have her resting comfortably. I can’t tell if she’s in pain or not. I can’t take her being in even the slightest amount of pain. I cleaned her ears and it does appear that she has a yeast infection in it. I cleaned it out good. She’s resting and seems to be okay, but I don’t know what to do. Help!! Any suggestions??

  • Sandra Hamilton | 18/03/2021

    Arthritis could be setting in. As far as her ear you might try an ear patch with air holes. I’ve seen them used for dogs that had that same situation of the ears being cut off.

  • Jani Best | 05/06/2021

    Hi. Got my puppy 2 days ago. He is 7 weeks old and helps after eating or just suddenly while sleeping… had him at the vet twice, he gave an injection for cramps, but I think it is more than that..

  • Danny Jackson | 09/08/2021

    Hey my puppy whine out randomly. SHe want eat much r drink and not active .Please tell me what to do r some1 give me some advice . No money 4 vet please help

  • Danny Jackson | 09/08/2021

    Hey my puppy whine out randomly. She want eat much r drink and not active .Please tell me what to do r some1 give me some advice . No money 4 vet please help

  • Angelina Chavez | 13/08/2021

    I have 2 new dogs in my house and all of a sudden he started yelping he’s a chiwinne and he here’s a noise and he’s in my room in his bed and starts yelping like he’s in pain any suggestions

  • William Hughes | 28/09/2021

    What a shame that so very many people here have the same situation with a smaller dog….dozens of questions, but no answers.

  • Eileen | 26/07/2022

    Yes , I’ve read through them all . It’s so interesting this is so common . Yelping suddenly in agony without barely being touched, then when feel around for the pain he’s silent so I don’t know what’s the source.
    I feel my 13 year old toy poodle likely has a mixture of an ear infection and possible tooth infection . he had teeth taken out by vet a few months ago and since then can’t open his jaw wide to yawn like he used to … he just does small polite yawns now so maybe a muscle is damaged in his jaw .
    Vet doesn’t know how to test my theory and I keep spending hundreds of pounds with no answers / ear drops that don’t work / can’t do anything unless he’s put under anaesthetic again which I really didn’t want at his age .

  • Judy | 17/10/2021

    Our fur baby (5 year old Boston terrier x French bulldog) started yelping randomly last week. Sometimes it would be when I wiped his front paw, or when we picked him, when his ear was touched, or even just sitting beside him. Most times after he yelped he would start shaking (he’s a very sensitive soul). This went on for 5 days. It didn’t happen every time he was touched so I was quite confused as to the cause of his pain. I investigated every square inch of his body but could find no reason for his very apparent distress. I knew something was not right so we took him to our holistic vet. It turned that one of the vertebrae in his neck was out of alignment causing a pinched nerve. After having a chiropractic adjustment and an acupuncture treatment he was back to his normal self showing no signs of discomfort/distress.

  • Very worried dog owner | 26/10/2021

    My dog is 4 year old medium, mix breed and he has suddenly slowed his movements and yelps occasionally when zi pet him and this has been going on for a while and I am worried about my baby. He has rally thin legs and a deep chest and a block head.

  • Deborah Santiago | 14/11/2021

    Has any one found out what’s causing their dogs to cry out randomly in pain yet? All these questions are similar with no answers.

  • Tim McLean | 13/12/2021

    Did you ever discover what was wrong with your dog? We are going through the same thing. The Vet had noticed his lymph glands which are located just above the jaw were swallon so we are keeping notice of that.

  • Eileen | 26/07/2022

    Yes I’ve noticed mines glands are enlarged like small balls between the base of the ear and the top of the neck . When I showed this to the vet she said they felt normal… but I KNoW that’s not how they used to feel when I stroke him there . I’m getting frustrated to pay so much and get zero answers , meanwhile my toy poodle has been rather miserable for months now and it’s breaking my heart I can’t make him better . He went under in March and had some teeth taken out but now months later still random sorrowful pain yelps from time to time when one barely strokes him .
    Meantime I’m giving him probiotics, and a few pinches of turmeric in his meals as a great natural anti inflammatory for all
    (careful as this can stain the fur around the muzzle yellow, but I don’t care at this point I’m trying all the remedies I can think of )
    Hope we all find a proper solution soon 🤍

  • Sherry Reinbold | 09/02/2022

    Makes me wonder if it’s COVID (spike protein) related.. All these people with similar stories and no answers in 2020-2022. My dog’s been doing this too. Jumping up like something bit him and yelp and try to get at his back end. Then he’ll be fine. He seems to be generally in a little bit of pain though. He’s woke me the last 2 nights at around 3 am yelping, chasing his back end and wanting outside. Seems it’s getting worse. I tried to pet him to calm him and he nipped at me. That never happens. He pees/poops like normal. I’m taking him to the vet next week.

  • Hibiscus | 24/05/2022

    My dog has been acting like she’s ready to go into heat for a month or so, being very needy. I pull out the vacuum or a guest comes over she gets crazy excited. She gets the frenchie zoomies a lot less often tho. The other day, she started yelping out of nowhere running towards me with her tail between her legs. She jump a lot less than usual, doesn’t come to me when I call her. Yet she loves to hump me for as long as she can and will play like nothings wrong when I rustle with my partner. She looks totally fine, until I look at her, she’ll begin to shake, I rub her then she will relax after some time. Has to be right on top of me after she yelps.

  • byron | 28/05/2022

    Separation anxiety my guess for most of these. Did you take a trip recently or gone for a period of time.
    So dogs are more sensitive.

  • Barbara Daly | 29/05/2022

    Yesterday my dog ran to a neighbour dog then I she yelp and bark like made and run to hide her self
    When I asked what happened they said she and there dog just got excited
    It doesn’t make sense to me can someone tell me why
    Could he have mated with her in less than a minute as she was wet

  • Marlen D'Arcy | 25/06/2022

    I have a 12years old Jack Russell Terrier. He started to yelp in pain once at day about 4/5 weeks ago. We took him to the vet. They took 3 teeth out and we thought that the problem was resolved, but he still yelping now and then. Don’t know why? Any thoughts?

  • Eileen | 26/07/2022

    Exactly the same , mines had teeth out a few months ago , which I thought (after £800) would be the end of it but maybe there’s still a lingering tooth or jaw infection post operation. My vet says they’d have to put him under again to look properly which I really didn’t want for him as he’s 13 . I hope all the people in these comments start to find some answers . There must be a huge missing link that vets just aren’t getting .

  • Kristen | 12/07/2022

    My boyfriend’s husky started randomly yelping and I’m not sure what happened. He was perfectly fine when we left to go celebrate our anniversary and when we came back the yelping started and kept reoccurring. So we looked ourselves thinking he mightve stepped on something but saw nothing and throughout the night he kept whining and yelping when he moved from his bed to go to another spot of his on the floor. We noticed he yelp/whined when he would try and jump on the bed so today we brought him to the vet thinking it was his legs or a leg. Upon moving it around he made no yelping or whine noise. As soon as we got home he immediately yelped when we gently pet him. I don’t know what it is.. everything is fine when he goes potty.. it’s just confusing and starting to become stressful to understand. I read it might be a behavior thing so we’re trying to follow those tips to correct it but I’m worried it might be something else.

  • Dee | 14/07/2022

    I think going to vet and having xrays to see if spine ok. It could also be from the rabies vaccination even if over a year ago. I can’t think of name but it’s like that have rabies symtoms without rabies. You can look up – starts with a V.

  • Dee | 14/07/2022

    Look up rabies vaccinosis. Sounds like what one of my dogs have.
    Good luck to all.

  • Gary Collins | 26/08/2022

    My Bichon/Shih-tzu was sleeping on our bed. Suddenly started yelping (6 am).I tried to pick him up, his body was limp. He then peed the bed without moving. I woke him and he seems fine now. This happened a couple of months ago (no pee).

  • MJ | 20/12/2022

    Look for an animal chiropractor or veterinarian trained in chiropractic care. My labrador used to do the same thing and it ended up being a pinched nerve in the spine.

  • Andrea luker | 17/09/2023

    My Parsons Jack Russell has been really yelping a lot recently and he’s favoring his front left side and he has trouble trying to straighten do you think it could be cramp or a joint problem he’s 7 year’s old

  • Eliza | 13/10/2023

    My 12 year old dachshund-chihuahua mix started having screaming yelping fits about 6 days ago. It comes out of the blue when he is sleeping, but occasionally when he adjusts his position. The fits last for about 20 to 30 seconds, and there have been several days and nights where he seems just fine!
    But when it is triggered, he yelps over and over and over, screamingly loud, eyes wide, and he scrambles over to me and wants to get on my shoulder. He is completely overtaken by these fits! I can’t bear seeing him go through this, but I do not have nearly enough money to take him to a vet. I am so lost. But just 5 minutes ago, it happened again, but this time when I tried helping him scramble up my shoulder, his mouth came in contact with my hand and with every yelp he bit down so hard that my fingers are swollen and red and in pain. I couldn’t get my hand away quickly enough, as the yelps come about every second, but I know it’s not something he means to do! I am so confused on what this is and what to do!

  • Neal | 21/12/2023

    After reading all the comments, I came to the conclusion it could be one of several things related to my 6 month old toy-poodle who yelps out in pain for some reason:
    1) Very likely (and hopefully) Ear Infection
    -he does scratch his ear a lot these days and started to rub his face against the wall as he walks.
    2) Hip/Joint issue
    – but took him to the vet and he said my puppy would’ve flinched or yelped if it was a problem when he felt his legs but didn’t. Plus he said my puppy seems to have strong legs.
    3) Rabies Vaccination
    – he did just have his rabies shot 3 weeks ago and maybe that is the issue.
    4) Flea+tick safe-guard (Frontline)
    – I heard some dogs tend to get seizures from this but luckily my puppy doesn’t have that extreme signs.

    So I will continue to give him love and attention and hope this goes away as we can’t seem to identify why he yelps out in pain 2-4 times a day for no reason when playing with him or when he wakes up from a nap, and runs away crying back to his bed and doesn’t want to come out.

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