Best Hypoallergenic Comforters for Repelling Dog Hair

Comforter for Repelling Dog Hair

Do you have a dog that homes that sheds frequently? Is the dog hair creating an absolute mess with the bedding? If you don’t want to deal with the mess but would like your dog to still go on the bed as he pleases then you need to get a comforter that can resist dog hair.

Dog Hair-Resistant Bed Comforters Recommendations

The best bed comforters for dog owners typically share one important quality, the fabric is made of tight microfibers that limit the amount of dog hair that sticks to the comforter. Here are some high-quality bed comforters we recommend based on this quality.

INGALIK All-Season Bed Comforter

The INGALIK bed comforter is a great fit for homeowners who are looking for a comforter that can be used all year round. The comforter uses a very soft material that also has hypoallergenic properties so it is a great fit for those that have frequently-shedding dogs.

In addition to its handling of dog hair, we also like that it is easy to take good care of this bed comforter. It can be machine-washed at a cold temperature setting and you won’t have to worry about common issues that some people have when it comes to bedding materials, such as shrinkage and fading.

Linenspa Quilted Comforter

This quilted comforter by Linenspa will keep the dog hair at bay due to its hypoallergenic microfiber fill. We like its versatility in terms of the reversible design. If you get tired of the same bed color then you can just flip the comforter over to change the look and feel of the bed.

The corner and side loops also make it easy for you to add a duvet cover to this bed comforter. There are up to eight points where the duvet cover can be secured. If you are a dog owner who is looking for a lightweight bed comforter then this could be a great fit.

Beckham Hotel Collection 1600 Series

This bed comforter is a great fit if you are looking to reenact the high-quality and luxurious bedding experience of a five-star hotel. The hypoallergenic property of this bed comforter means that the dog hair won’t easily stick onto it and it will also act as a great barrier against other forms of debris and dust.

It’s so comfortable that your dog might never leave the bed once he gets a feel for this comforter. The comforter is filled with synthetic goose feathers, which adds additional warmth and comfort. It also comes in a diverse range of beautiful colors.

Common Questions About Bed Comforters

Here are some common questions that dog owners have about finding a dog hair-resistant comforter.

What Fabric Repels Dog Hair the Best?

There are generally three types of fabric that will easily repel dog hair. These materials are leather, microfiber, and silk or silk blend. In the case of microfibers, they are weaved in such a way that prevents dog hair from easily adhering to the surface. Silk is also good at repelling dog hair because the texture is naturally slippery. You won’t encounter a lot of dog hair accumulation with these fabrics.

How Can I Protect My Comforter from My Dog?

In addition to getting a bed comforter that can repel dog hair, there are other steps you can take to maintain the comforter in top condition. For starters, you should limit the amount of time the dog spends on the bed. You can also get a washable duvet cover to provide a barrier against common household dusts and debris.

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