Best Dog Foods for Picky Poodles

Picking the right dog food is extremely important for maintaining the overall wellness of your poodle. It’s not just the general diet that you need to be concerned about. Dog food can also affect other things like the scent and health of your poodle’s coat. If your poodle is somewhat of a picky-eater then try introducing the following dog food to him or her.

Top Dog Foods for Poodles

These dog foods were picked based on their popularity and their well-balanced mix of nutrients and minerals. Even the fussiest of poodles will have a hard time ignoring these dog foods.

Diamond Naturals Premium Dry Food

Diamond Naturals dog food leverages high-quality protein from pasture-raised lamb to give your dog’s growth an extra boost. In addition to the lamb beat, it also contains other premium ingredients that adds a great balance of minerals and nutrients, such as antioxidants and fatty acids.

You don’t have to worry about things like artificial preservatives, which this dog food doesn’t use. Your poodle will be able to easily consume this dog food as they consist of small kibbles. You can also switch between different flavors if your want to add more diversity to your poodle’s diet.

Royal Canin Adult Dry Dog Food

This dog food by Royal Canin is on the pricier side but for good reasons. The dry dog food is designed to meet the most important dietary needs of small dog breeds like poodles and Yorkshire terriers. The kibbles are also designed so that smaller-sized dogs can easily chew on them.

If your poodle currently has some issues related to his digestive system then it could be worthwhile giving the Royal Canin dog food a go. Start off with a smaller package first to check your poodle’s reaction to this new dog food.

Purina Moist & Meaty Dry Dog Food

The Purina dry dog food is an absolute hit among dog owners due to its well-balanced nutrition and the fact that it also contains meaty pieces for your poodle’s enjoyment. The food pieces are small enough for a poodle to easily chew without discomfort. This is also strongly recommended for poodles that may have dental issues.

One box will contain about 216-ounce of dog food. The food itself is stored in a pouch which will reduce the mess that typically comes with dog food storage. You can give this to the poodle on its own or mix it with other tasty treats.

Common Questions About Dog Food for Poodles

Here are some common questions we get from dog owners when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet for their poodle.

Is there a Difference Between Adult & Puppy Dog Food?

Yes, there are some slight differences. Some puppy dog foods are designed to offer nutrients that better cater for a puppy poodle’s growth. The kibbles that come in dry food may also be smaller and softer for puppies so that it is easier for them to chew. In general, puppy poodles require more protein than their adult counterpart because their bodies are growing at such a fast pace.

Are Poodles Picky Eaters?

One dog breed isn’t necessarily going to be more of a picky eater than another dog breed. How fussy a dog is with his food is largely dependent on the environment he lives in. For example, your poodle might have become a picky eater because you have given him too many tasty treats. Your poodle might also be rejecting certain dog foods because he senses something (e.g. mold) that you don’t. Consistency is very important when it comes to a dog’s meal. You should avoid changing it up too often.

How Much Do You Feed a Poodle?

This will depend on a number of factors such as the dog’s age, the size of the poodle, and the amount of exercise he gets per day. For adult poodles, we would recommend two or three meals a day. The serving of each portion should be calculated based on the dog’s daily calorie requirements. Adult dogs typically require 35 to 45 calories per pound.

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