Best Dog Ramps for Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Do you have an above-ground pool that your dog loves to jump into for a nice cool swim? Unfortunately, some above-ground pools are too tall for your dogs to get into without your assistance. One simple way to fix this and to let your dog go in and out as he pleases is to set up a dog ramp.

Top Dog Ramps for Above Ground Pools

We picked the following dog ramps based on their durability and adjustable features. Dog ramps should also be selected in accordance to the maximum weight they support so keep that in mind as you browse through these great dog ramps.

PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp

This dog ramp by PetSafe is very flexible in terms of its usage. Its primary purpose is to allow a dog to easily get in and out of a vehicle, but it can also be easily attached to an above-ground pool. The telescoping feature of the ramp means you can adjust the length of the ramp based on the height of the above-ground pool structure.

The dog ramp is constructed with a surface material that reduces slipping and the strong construction of the ramp also allows for decent weight support. It can handle up to 400 pounds in weight so this should cater for dogs of most sizes and breeds.

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp 71 Inch Ramp

This is another great dog ramp that can be attached to an above-ground swimming pool. This ramp also comes with visible aid (e.g. reflective materials on the ramp surface) to guide the dog up and down the ramp. The slip-resistant surface will also provide firm footing for your wet dog.

The lightweight construction of this ramp means that you will be able to also move this ramp around as you please without too much manual work. The maximum weight support for this ramp comes out to about 200 pounds.

Pet Dog Folding Step Stairs

This one is different to the other two dog ramps because it comes in the form of a 5-step stair. It’s foldable and only comes out to about 12 pounds, which means it won’t require as much space as you would anticipate to store this ramp away.

The steps on this dog ramp have a non-slip rubber coating surface to prevent your dog from falling as he moves in and out of the above ground pool. It’s a well-built product, especially considering the price. We would recommend this ramp if storage space is a big consideration.

Common Questions About Dog Ramps

Here are some common questions that dog owners have when it comes to using and buying a dog ramp. Please comment below if you have any other questions about dog ramps.

How Do I Get My Dog Used to a Ramp?

It isn’t always just a case of setting up the ramp and expecting your dog to get on it with ease and comfort. For some dogs, it does take time for them to get used to a ramp. This could be due to the fear of an unknown object or other reasons. Before you set the ramp next to the above-ground pool, we would suggest training your dog with the ramp first.

Lay down the ramp on a stable, flat area where it won’t shift or slide. Next, place your dog next to one side of the ramp and try to lure him to the other side by dropping a few treats along the way. Your dog will eventually get used to the ramp after a few attempts of this exercise.

How to Allow My Dog to Get Out of the Pool

Allowing your dog into the above-ground pool without assistance is one thing. Letting him out is another issue you need to consider. For this, we would suggest getting a swimming pool stair so that your dog can easily step out of the pool once his swimming session is over. Most above-ground pools will come with a ladder, which won’t do much good for your dogs.

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