Best Leather Couch Beds for Dogs

Dog Leather Sofa

Want your dog to be able to rest on a comfortable couch but afraid that the dog might cause immediate wear and tear through scratching and biting? Fortunately, there are some types of couches that are more pet-friendly, one of them being leather couches.

Top Recommendations for Dog-Friendly Leather Couches

The following leather couches are recommended based on their durability and level of comfort. When you select a leather sofa for dogs, it is best to first look at such features before you consider the appearance and aesthetics of the couch.

Enchanted Home Pet Brown Couch

This faux-leather sofa is a great addition for people who have small and medium-sized dogs (up to 30 pounds in weight). The couch size comes out to about 33.5 by 20.75 by 12 inches, which will provide ample space for many smaller-sized dog breeds to lie down comfortably.

We like that this couch also comes with small storage pockets where you can store the dog’s toys and accessories. One downside might be the pad on the sofa which may easily tear if your dog likes to “dig holes”. One way to prevent the damage is to lay a towel or fabric on top of the couch pad.

3600 Deluxe Pet Couch

This deluxe pet couch is best suited for small-sized dogs. The sofa material is constructed using a mix of faux leather, fabric, birch wood, and compressed wood. It is a great addition to the common room from an aesthetic standpoint. You can pick between three colors: rustic brown, classic gray, and rich tan.

Even though it is made of faux leather, you will be happily surprised by the craftsmanship of this dog-friendly couch. Assembling is also very easy once the package is delivered. You just need to attach the couch legs and that’s it.

Christopher Knight Home Pet Sofa Bed

This beautiful pet sofa bed has a décor that will fit both an indoor and outdoor atmosphere. The couch is upholstered with polyurethane leather, which is known for being easy to clean and also has some longevity as it doesn’t dry out over time.

For medium to large-sized dogs, this couch might be on the smaller end. For example, a boxer with stretched-out legs might have his body tip over the sides, but if the boxer likes to roll up into a ball when he takes a nap then this leather couch is a perfect fit.

Common Questions About Leather Couches for Dogs

Here are some frequently-asked-questions that dog owners have when it comes to using or buying a leather sofa for dogs. Feel free to add a comment below if you have other questions.

Are Leather Couches Good for Dogs?

Leather couches may offer certain types of benefits for dogs. For example, leather material tends to be more durable and easy-to-clean compared to other couch materials. Faux leather is of course much thinner than authentic leather so is more likely to get scratches and punctures, but still offers a distinct-enough advantage over other synthetic materials.

Generally-speaking, leather may also be more odor-resistant than other couch materials. This could be important for dogs that have a distinct odor that you wouldn’t want to also spread to the couch.

How Can I Protect My Leather Couch from my Dog?

You could either place a sheet or towel on top of the couch pad to prevent scratches and punctures, or for actual couches, you could also get a slipcover that will protect the sofa from daily wear and tears. These items are good to have to maintain the couch over the long-term.

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