Best Outdoor Exercise Dog Pens and Playpens

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Do you want your dog or puppy to enjoy plenty of time outdoors but find it difficult to do so because the yard or lawn is unfenced? The solution to this is to get an outdoor dog pen. These portable fences minimize a lot of safety risks by containing your pet in a safe area.

Top Outdoor Dog Pen Recommendations

When purchasing an outdoor dog pen, there are some aspects you want to pay special attention to such as the fence stability, the ease of transportation, and the overall fence area. Here are the outdoor dog pens and playpens we recommend based on these factors.

New World Pet Products

Suited for large-sized dogs, this outdoor playpen is a great fit for dog owners who want to provide their dogs with a playable area in the backyard. This dog pen also comes in small sizes, which are better-suited for smaller to medium-sized dog breeds.

One aspect of this outdoor dog pen we love is its maneuverability. For starters, there is no assembling required. The exercise pen has eight connected panels that folded and expanded with ease. It’s also safe to use. The pen comes with four ground stakes and locking thumb snaps to keep the pen in place and prevent it from toppling over.

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Foldable Barrier

If you want to offer your dog a more permanent fixture and an outdoor playpen that offers plenty of space to run around in then the Yaheetech is a good consideration. This dog pen comes in multiple sizes. For example, you can get a pen with sixteen panels (24 inches) or a larger one with thirty-two panels (24 inches).

In addition to the large playable space these outdoor pens offer, the panels themselves are constructed with materials that are both rust-proof and weather-resistant, which should give you confidence that this outdoor dog pen will last for the long-term.

Giantex Dog Playpen with Door

You can set up your own min dog park in the backyard with this outdoor playpen. This is a great option for those who have multiple small to medium-sized dogs at home. It also comes with a secure door, which allows you to easily enter and exit the play area.

One aspect we like about this dog playpen is its flexibility. You can rearrange the play area to a number of different shapes (this is doable due to its flexible panel structure). This dog playpen also comes with stakes to keep the fences in place.

Common Questions About Outdoor Dog Pens

Here are some common questions that dog owners have about using outdoor dog pens in the yard.

Are Dog Playpens a Good Idea?

Yes, there are so many benefits to setting up an outdoor playpen for your dog, especially if you have the space in the backyard. An outdoor dog pen will give you more reassurance that a dog won’t wander into an unsafe area, such as a place where there might be ticks, especially if the backyard is unfenced. A playpen would also mean that your dogs would require less supervision since they are in an enclosed space.

What Size Exercise Pen Should I Get for My Dog?

Most dog pens are already offered in many different sizes so there is less guesswork from the dog owner’s end. The first factor to consider when you determine the size of the exercise pen is the dog’s weight. For example, a dog that weighs about 26 to 40 pounds would be fine in an outdoor pen with a dimension of 30 x 8 x 24 inches.

Next, you want to consider what your dog would be doing in the exercise pen. If you want to make sure there is plenty of running space then you may want to get a dog fence that offers the flexibility to widen the play area.

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