Best Snuffle Mats for Dogs that Get Bored Easily

Snuffle Mats

Is your dog getting bored of the usual dog toys such as ropes and squeaky toys? It’s time to introduce to him something more fun and mentally challenging. While they may seem like simple dog toys, snuffle mats are a great form of mental exercise for dogs as the act of finding the hidden treats stimulates their brains. Also, what dog doesn’t enjoy the resulting treat?

Top Snuffle Mat Recommendations for Dogs

We are recommending the following snuffle mats based on their longevity and the amount of entertainment they will provide to dogs. Snuffle mats are also recommended for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety as it is a great way to stimulate their mental health.

STELLAIRE CHERN Washable Snuffle Mats

Your dog will never get bored of this snuffle mat because it offers a number of different ways for your dog to engage with it using his nose. It comes in two sizes: the medium size is about 23.6 by 39.4 inches, while the large size is about 39.4 by 39.4 inches.

We like that this mat is easy-to-clean as it is machine washable. The snuffle mats will eventually get dirty as the dogs constantly make their way through the fleece materials with their nose. The material is also ant-slip so it won’t shift around while your dog is playing with it in most cases.

Vevins Pet Snuffle Mat

This pet snuffle mat by Vevins is a great fit for dog owners with puppies and smaller-sized dogs. The upper-portion of the mat is made with superior-quality polar fleece, while the bottom of the snuffle mat is made using anti-slip pad. Your dog will enjoy browsing through the snuffle mat due to its softness.

If you lack floor space at home then this would be a good fit for you. The size of this snuffle mat comes out to about 18.1 by 18.1 inches. For storage, you can just roll this up and place the mat in a dry place until the next time it is used. Check this snuffle mat out if your dog is motivated by food.

Jalousie 32 Inch Extra Large Dog Snuffle Mat

This pet snuffle mat is better-suited for larger-sized dogs but it will also be fine for small-sized dogs. It is probably the most interactive of the three we recommended as the mat contains ten different modules for your dog to sniff and browse.

The overall dimension of this snuffle mat comes out to about 32 by 32 inches. The mats have been tested for safety issues, such as the detection of heavy metal, so you won’t have to be concerned about your dog getting exposed to harmful substances as he plays with the snuffle mat.

Common Questions About Dog Snuffle Mats

Here are some common questions that dog owners have when it comes to purchasing or using a dog snuffle mat. Feel free to comment below if you have additional questions.

How Does a Snuffle Mat Work?

A snuffle mat typically consists of a square or rectangular fleece material which has strips of fabric attached to it. These strips act as an interactive component for the dogs once you hide the dog treats underneath them. The goal is to have your dog dig through the fabric and find the treats using his sense of smell. It’s one of the best ways to stimulate your dog’s mental health.

How Do You Wash a Snuffle Mat?

This will depend on the type of snuffle mat you have. Some snuffle mats are machine-washable while others will need to be washed by hand. In most cases, we would recommend washing the snuffle mat with cold water. If you are washing it with a washing machine then be sure to set the machine on a delicate cycle to prevent wear and tear.

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