Best Outdoor Pee Pads for Dogs in Your Yard or Garden

Is your dog causing accidents in the yard or garden by peeing on places where he shouldn’t be? The following outdoor pee pads are great for dog owners that want to eliminate the smell of dog urine, and also reduce the possibility of grass burns in their lawn.

Best Outdoor Pee Pads for Dogs

The following dog pee pads are easy to maintain and are perfect for dog owners that want to potty train their dogs. Ideally, you want to look for an outdoor pee pad that is easy to clean as well.

PETMAKER Puppy Potty Trainer

The PETMAKER potty trainer is a simple artificial grass mat that also comes with odor-resistant and anti-microbial properties. The three layers inside this pee pad consists of a synthetic grass mat, a detachable grid tray, and a bottom base tray. You just need to give the trays a simple rinse to keep the pee pad in shape.

Ideas in Life Dog Pee Pad

This outdoor dog pee pad comes in two sizes, the large (30 x 20 inches) and the medium (20 x 25 inches). It is made of materials that are weatherproof and non-toxic. This is a great asset for dog owners who don’t always have the time to take their dogs outside to do their business.

How do I get my Dog to Pee on the Pad?

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as laying down the pee pad and expecting your dog to do his business on it as soon as he sees it. Some dogs will start using it immediately, while others may require some training in order to understand the pee pad’s purpose.

Observe Your Dog’s Peeing Behavior

During the first few weeks of training, you may need to watch your dog like hawk to help him do his business on the pee pad. There are certain signs that may indicate a dog is about to urinate (e.g. moving around in circles, sniffing, moving towards the door).

When he shows these signs, move the dog over to the pee pad and wait until he does his business. Give the dog a treat when he successfully pees on the outdoor pee pad.

Place the Pee Pad Strategically

Look around the yard or deck and identify the places where your dog frequently urinates. To start off, you want to place the outdoor pee pad close to these areas. Dogs are actually very picky about where they pee, especially when they are outside.

For example, some dogs will pee based on scent marking behaviors, while other dogs may pee in areas where they can easily communicate to other dogs that they were the last dog to have visited the specific area. Ultimately, you want to place the outdoor pee pad in an area that’s far away from the lawn as dog urine can cause issues like grass burns.

How do you Clean Fake Grass Pee Pads?

Most fake grass pee pads are designed so that dog owners can easily rinse out the residue left by the dog pee. The first step of the cleaning process is to remove any visible discharge from the top surface of the outdoor pee pad.

Once that’s complete, you can take the base tray out and give it a good rinse using soapy water. You may want to also give the artificial grass a quick rinse using mild soap and warm water. This is important if you don’t want any smelly odor to linger.

Does Dog Pee Ruin Grass?

Yes, dog pee can ruin grass and is the very reason why outdoor pee pads exists. The nitrogen content in the dog urine can cause dead spots to appear in your lawn. A little bit of nitrogen is good for grass, but too much of it can cause the grass to burn.

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