Beautiful Pet Urns for Ashes of Small and Large Dogs

Dog Ashes Urn

These beautiful pet urns are a great way to memorialize your best pal if you have the made the decision to cremate your dog. Build a beautiful resting place your dog deserves, especially if you aren’t satisfied with the urn options available from the crematories.

Best Pet Urns for Dog Ashes

Other than design, there are other important factors you should consider when you get a pet urn. This includes the capacity and construction of the urn. You want to make sure the lid of the urn is secure and has enough space to store your dog’s ashes.

Always Faithful Pet Urn

This well-constructed pet urn comes in two sizes: small (holds up to 42 lbs) and large (holds up to 122 lbs). The urn comes with a screw-on treaded lid that keeps the ashes well-secured. The design, specifically the small paw prints, offers a loving memorial to your dog.

Hind Handicrafts Rosewood Pet Urn

This beautiful wooden pet urn comes in a box shape and is offered in three different sizes: small (up to 45 lbs), medium (up to 100 lbs), and large (up to 160 lbs). The top surface of the urn comes with two simple but beautifully-designed paws that offer a reminder of all the great times you spent with your furry pal.

Pet Memorial Photo Box

This simple pet urn allows you to add a personal touch by offering a space where you can add a photo (4.5″ x 3″) of your dog. The construction of the urn is such that you can place it both horizontally and vertically. This specific urn is suited for small-sized dogs (up to 35 pounds).

What Can I Do with My Pet’s Ashes?

Pet urns are one of several ways for dog owners to memorialize and maintain a resting place for their furry pal. Dog owners can also look at other appealing options for their dog’s ashes. This includes burying the ashes in a place of unique meaning (e.g. a dog memorial garden) or infusing the remains into beautiful pieces of jewelry or accessories, such as pendants and glass sculptures.

How does Dog Cremation Work?

Once the arrangement is prepared, the dog’s body is placed in a small enclosed chamber where it is heated at a very high temperature (around 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit). The whole cremation process can take anywhere between thirty minutes to a few hours depending on the size of the dog’s body.

Most dog cremation services will offer to pick up the dog’s body from the owner’s home or veterinary hospital then return the remaining ashes to the owner in a couple of days. You may want to ask the cremation service ahead of time to give you an estimate on how much the ashes will weigh. This will allow you to plan in advance and decide which urn to store the dog’s ashes in.

Should You Cremate Your Dog?

This is a difficult decision for any dog owner to make. There are many things a dog owner should consider before they go ahead with doing a dog cremation.

Type of Pet Cremation

There are several types of cremation services available to pet owners, including private cremations, witnessed cremations, and communal cremations. You need to decide whether you want your dog to be cremated in private or if you are okay with your dog’s body being placed in a chamber with other deceased pets. Some facilities may also allow you to witness the cremation to help your grieving process.

Cost of Pet Cremation

The full pet cremation process can cost a few hundred dollars. This includes the actual cremation fee, the pickup and delivery fee, and optional charges such as viewing fee and urn fees (if you decide to buy it from the cremation facility).

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