Best Dog Pooper Scoopers with Bag Attached

If you own a dog that poops a lot, you’re going to need a “pooper scooper”, a device for picking up your dog’s waste in your own yard, as well as on walks or at dog parks, so that you can dispose of it responsibly. A good pooper scooper is sturdy, but lightweight and portable. It should also be easy to use. Here are some of the ones we recommend.

Best Dog Pooper Scoopers with Bag

GoGo Stik Dog Pooper Scooper

This portable pooper scooper has an adjustable length, from 24″ to 36″. It’s small, lightweight, and very portable, making it a great choice for neighborhood walks and dog parks. It’s long enough that you don’t have to bend over when using it, and it’s designed so that only the bag part touches the dog’s waste. Since the bags are disposable, no cleaning is required.

The scooper comes with ten bags, but you’ll probably need to buy more in the future. At $10.95 for 100 replacement bags, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Plus, you can actually just substitute old grocery bags if you’d prefer. A great value for the price, this is a pooper scooper we’d definitely recommend.

Doody Digger Pooper Scooper

This affordable, mess-free portable pooper scooper uses a design where you scoop up the waste, then turn the whole thing vertically to gently drop it into the attached bag. Though it only comes with five bags, you can use old grocery bags when you run out, or buy the official bags in sets of forty.

The one-piece design is quite durable, without any moving parts that could break or fall off. As an added bonus, it’s made in the United States from 100% recycled material, making it a little more eco-friendly than many other similar products.

Petmate Pooper Scooper

This pooper scooper comes with two parts: a bag holder, and a separate rake, which can snap onto the holder for easy storage. With 32″ of reach, it lets you keep your distance from the waste itself.

This one’s designed primarily for larger dogs, with plenty of bin space. Arm & Hammer brand heavy duty waste bags are recommended, but you could probably use grocery bags in a pinch.

What is the Best Dog Pooper Scooper?

So which dog pooper scooper is right for you? As with many things, it depends on a variety of different factors. What’s your budget? Are you more interested in quality or price? How large is your dog, and how much time do you spend outdoors with it? Here are a few of the factors you might want to consider if you’re looking for this kind of product.

Cheap, chintzy products have a tendency to fall apart quickly, and pooper scoopers are no exception. In the long run, something durable and sturdy is actually a more economical buy, even if you pay more for it up front, since you won’t have to replace it particularly soon.

Value for the Price
When you go cheap, you get what you pay for. But with that said, value for the price can be an important factor. Several products at the same price point may come with different features, and a less expensive pooper scooper could actually end up being a better product than a pricier one.

Suitability for Large or Small Dogs
Dogs come in a huge variety of sizes, to the point where it’s amazing that these animals are even the same species. Small dogs like toy poodles have smaller poop than larger dogs like Golden Retrievers, where their waste is the size of a human’s. Some pooper scoopers are larger and more robust, designed for use with large dogs, while others are small, compact, and great for toy breeds.

Why You Should Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop

Picking up dog waste is just common courtesy. No one wants to step in on the park, on the sidewalk, or especially, in their own front yard. If you walk your dog regularly, you could consider investing in a pooper scooper. Plus, it’s not great for your grass.

Does Dog Poop Ruin Grass?

Animal excrement can act as a fertilizer, but there’s such a thing as “too much of a good thing.” Dog poop has a high nitrogen content, and although nitrogen is essential for plant life, too much of it can harm grasses and other plants. The plants can only absorb so much nitrogen, and a pile of dog poop is like dumping a cup of lawn fertilizer all in one place. It can cause “burn spots” of dead or dying grass, as the nitrogen from the dog waste leeches into the topsoil and interferes with the grass’s ability to absorb water.

How Do You Properly Dispose of Dog Poop?

When you take your dog on a walk, or to the park, bring a portable pooper scooper with a bag attached. Most of the products and their bags are designed to hold enough waste that you won’t have to remove the bag until you get home. There, you can just toss it in your outdoor trash can.

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