3 Challenging & Fun Dog Toys for Labrador Puppies

Labradors are known for being highly intelligent dogs and are also filled with boundless energy. Here are some fun dog toys that will keep Labrador puppies entertained at home.

Best Toys for Labrador Puppies

1. Wooly Snuffle Mats

Snuffle mats, such as the PAW5 feeding mat, are a great way for Labrador puppies to put their nose and brain to work. The snuffle mat makes eating a more fun and challenging experience by encouraging the dogs to “forage” the material in order to find the hidden treats. The snuffle mat is also easy to maintain as it is machine washable.

2. Heavy-Duty Dog Rope Toy

Labrador dogs, and even the puppies, can chew quite aggressively so you will want a heavy-duty dog rope toy to play fun games with your lab puppy, such as tug of war, toss and fetch, and more. This dog rope toy is also machine washable as it is made of 100% natural cotton fibers.

3. Squishy Face Flirt Pole

Has it been raining all day and your Labrador puppy is starting to get frustrated because of the lack of outdoor play time? Look no further than this simple flirt pole. These sticks work great for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Your puppy will burn off all his excess energy in a matter of minutes after chasing the tug toy in all sorts of different directions.

What Kind of Toys do Labradors Like?

Labradors don’t discriminate when it comes to dog toys. They will appreciate and enjoy any dog toy that comes their way. Some dog owners, however, may find that Labradors do have certain preferences. For example, some dogs may get more excited with a rope toy than with a ball.

We encourage you to try different types of dog toys in order to find out your Labrador’s preference. It may be something more challenging and interactive, such as a snuffle mat, or something as simple as a Kong toy filled with frozen peanut butter.

What Toys Are Safe for Lab Puppies?

Labrador puppies are full of curiosity so you want to make sure the toy you give them are safe for them to play with, especially when they are left unattended. You should avoid giving your dog a toy that’s smell enough for them to choke on, such as a bone or small plush toy. Instead, focus on toys that are designed for long-term play such as puzzles and snuffle mats.

You should also avoid any dog toys that aren’t made of high-quality materials. Labradors can have a fairly strong bite strength. You don’t want the puppy to chew away and destroy a new toy in a matter of days. This can also pose a safety hazard for the puppies.

What else Do I Need for a Labrador Puppy?

Aside from indestructible dog toys, your Labrador puppy may need other essential dog supplies, such as two bowls (one for water, one for food), a puppy crate, and a clicker for training purposes. Labrador puppies can also have a fairly big appetite, compared to other dog breeds, so you need to make sure you have the right mix of dog food to match their dietary needs.

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