Best Dog Wheelchairs for Back Legs

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Seeing a dog that loses partial or full mobility is a difficult moment for any dog owner. Fortunately, you can make the most of this difficult situation by getting a wheelchair for dogs that struggle with movement on their back legs. Your dog won’t be able to climb up or down stairs like before but he will at least maintain some form of mobility by using a wheelchair.

Best Dog Wheelchairs for Back Legs

The following wheelchairs are designed for dogs that lose some mobility in their back legs. You should consult with your vet first before you decide to get a wheelchair for your dog.

Best Friend Mobility Elite Dog Wheelchair

This Best Friend Mobility wheelchair is primarily designed for medium-sized dogs. The main foundation of this dog wheelchair is built using an adjustable aluminum frame. On average, it may take a few weeks for the dog to get used to this wheelchair. Some dog owners, however, found that their dogs adjusted to the Best Friend Mobility Wheelchair in a matter of days.

Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair

The Walkin’ Wheels is a sturdy dog wheelchair that comes in many different sizes. This specific wheelchair is suited for small-size dogs, but they also have wheelchairs that can support large dogs of up to 180 lbs. The narrow wheelbase makes it easy for dogs to navigate and turn in different directions.

How do you Measure a Dog for a Wheelchair?

Measurement method will differ based on the physical condition of the dog. If the dog is able to stand then you can use a measuring tape to measure the height between the ground and the fold of the flank. Some dog wheelchairs may also require you to measure the dog’s weight, body length, and body girth.

If the dog isn’t able to stand then you can have lay him down then measure the length between the fold of the flank and the dog’s toe pad. Be careful not to extend the dog’s rear leg by too much as this would give you inaccurate measurements.

Will a Dog Wheelchair Help with Hip Dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia is a medical condition that causes dogs to suffer from painful joints and general body stiffness. It’s best to get proper advice from a vet, but in general, dog wheelchairs will help dogs that suffer from hip dysplasia as it will reduce the stress and weight on the rear legs.

Does my Dog Need a Wheelchair?

Aside from hip dysplasia, there are many other medical conditions where a wheelchair would improve the quality of life for your dog. These conditions may include arthritis, slipped discs, and degenerative myelopathy. A wheelchair will allow the dogs to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Can a Dog Lay Down in a Wheelchair?

Some, but not all, dog wheelchairs are designed to allow dogs to lie down while they are still harnessed to the wheelchair. The act of getting up or down, however, may result in a painful experience for your dog so it is best to set up a mattress where the height aligns to the rear leg support. This will allow the dog to easily lie down and rest without having to lean downwards.

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