3 Things to Do if Your Dog Barks All Day While You Are at Work

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You might have heard from your children, spouse, or neighbors that your dog barks all day while you’re at work. This is something that happens a lot with dogs, especially if they are more attached to you than other members of the family. Here are a few things you can do if your dog is known to bark all day while you’re gone to work.

1. Get Your Dog Some Exercise Before Work

If you have the ability to give your dog some exercise before you go to work, it’s a great way to help stop your dog from barking during the day. A tired dog is a happy dog, and dogs need a lot of mental and physical exercise. If you are able to exercise your dog before you leave, he will be worn out physically and mentally. Your dog will likely to just relax or nap during the day if he’s exercised well.

2. Set Up an Interactive Pet Camera

An interactive pet camera, such as the Furbo camera, might be just what you need if you have a dog that barks all day while you’re at work. This product will alert your phone when barking is going on so you can see what’s causing the issue. You will be able to talk to your dog using this interactive pet camera too. It gives you live 1080p video from inside of your house and streams it all right to your iOS or Android device.

You also will be able to toss out treats to your dog through the app. It’s a very cool concept since all you have to do is fill the interactive pet camera with treats. Use the app on your phone to then give treats to your dog through the device anytime you want. This is a great device for people who don’t have someone at home to help keep an eye on their dog. The ability to talk to your dog, calm him down, and also give him treats is unique and innovative.

3. Try Crate Training Your Dog

Crate training is a good way to also help your dog if he barks while your gone all day at work. This is something that will take weeks to complete and shouldn’t be done too quickly if you want it to be successful. You want to put the dog in the crate around 5 minutes before you leave for work and you can give him a treat to reward him for getting into his crate.

Make sure there is soft and comfortable bedding in the crate for him along with a few toys. You don’t want to drag out the process of you leaving either, just put the dog in the crate, grab your items, and then head on into work.

While crate training might not actually stop the dog from barking all day, it will help him get into a routine. It will also eliminate your dog from chewing up shoes or furniture during the day when he’s stressed out or bored. You just want to go about this process slowly as to not create a negative experience with the crate itself.

How Long Can a Dog Be Left Alone During the Day?

It’s suggested that you don’t really leave your dog alone all day because dogs need human interaction and also bathroom breaks. Some people do leave their dogs alone for 10 or 12 hours a day during the work week, but this isn’t the best thing for your dog. You should only leave your dog alone for 6 or 7 hours a day maximum. If you must leave your dog alone all day, then you should look for other options such as doggy daycare.

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