3 Tips on Teaching Your Dog to Politely Greet Other Dogs

Dog Park

As a dog owner, it’s important to teach your dog socialization at an early age so they don’t get stressed or anxious when meeting other new dogs (and people) in the area. Here are some tips on teaching your dog to not be aggressive and to politely greet other dogs.

Get the Recall Training Correct

Before you step into a dog park again, it’s important that you are able to recall your dog in case your dog starts to become aggressive whenever he greets another dog in the area. Recall is not the easiest of training and will require some patience and a friend to help out.

To establish recall at least 90% of the time, it’s important to have a cue that’s specific to the recall command only. Don’t use this cue or similar-sounding cue for other important commands. It should, however, be simple for your dog to remember, such as “come”.

Once a cue is established, take your dog to a safe enclosed space free of distractions and try to get your dog’s attention with the cue. Be sure to give him plenty of praises and a tasty treat when he does come to you. Repeat this step and gradually extend the distance between yourself and the dog.

Train Your Dog to Walk Beside You

Another important training that your dog should do is to learn to walk beside you. This is useful if you are finding your dog getting overly excited over every dog and person he meets as you go for a walk. The goal of this training is to also teach your dog to ignore some of the dogs he may meet.

This is again a training method that requires patience and focus. First, pick a side that your dog should be located at. Next, put him on a standard leash and get him to come by you by using a treat. Before you take the walk, you want your dog to know that he should be besides you at all times. While you’re doing this, you should establish a simple cue like “side” for the dog to learn.

Once established, you can start taking a short walk. Every time your dog drifts away, you can say the command and have him come back to you. Make sure to give plenty of praises and a treat while doing this for the purpose of positive reinforcement.

Gradually Increase Play Time

Another important tip is to gradually increase the play time with other dogs that you aren’t familiar with. For example, when your dog shows over-excitement when meeting another dog, call him back and wait until he calms down before you let him play again.

This is to reinforce the importance of calmness when your dog meets other dogs. For additional training tips, we suggest you take a look at the Braining Training for Dogs, it’s a unique course that will help you quickly establish a lot of important commands for your dog.

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