How to Train a Dog to Poop Outside Using a Potty Training Bell

Potty Training Dog Bell

Potty training is one of the first things you should teach a new dog or puppy. A doorbell can be a real lifesaver, especially if you want your dog to be able to tell you when he needs to go outside.

Best Potty Training Bell for Dogs

There’s no need for a fancy, expensive doorbell. The main qualities you are looking for are:

  • Durability: the doorbell should be able to withstand your dog’s grasp. Your dog may occasionally chew and pull the doorbell out of curiosity. You also want the bell to be sturdy enough so that the small pieces in the bell don’t fall out and potentially cause your dog to choke.
  • Sound: you don’t want the sound to be too loud. Otherwise, you are going to get annoyed, especially during the early stages of potty training when your dog may ring the bell all the time.
  • Installation: you should be able to easily secure the bell to the door or wall. Some bells may also come with a belt that allows you to change the height of the bell.

The BLUETREE adjustable bell is one of many that come with all of the above qualities. An ordinary bell will work fine as well if you have one at home.

How to Potty Train Your Dog or Puppy

It’s time to start potty training once you have the doorbell. We recommend doing the training in short, frequent bursts. Dogs don’t learn as quickly and lose interest if you try and cram too much in one training session. Doorbell training consists of three steps.

Step 1: train the dog to touch the bell
The first step is to get your dog to become familiar with the doorbell. Hold the doorbell in front of your dog’s nose. Most dogs will approach the bell and sniff it out of curiosity.

When the dog touches the bell, say a unique command such as “touch” or use a clicker if your dog has already been trained on the purpose of a clicker. Give the dog a small treat soon after you give the command. Repeat step 1 until your dog touches the bell every time you say the command.

Step 2: train the dog to touch the bell by the door
Next, install the bell next to the door. The goal of step 2 is to have your dog touch the bell using the same command in step 1, except this time, the bell will be by the door and not in your hand.

During the first few tries, you may need to direct the dog to the bell by pointing at it. Again, give your dog a treat when he touches the bell (only after you have said the command word).

Step 3: train the dog to touch the bell to go poop
The final step consists of two stages. The first stage is to help your dog learn that he’ll need to touch the bell to go outside. The second stage is to teach your dog that the bell is only to be used when he needs to poop or urinate outside.

Anytime you go outside with your dog, walk towards the door and say the command. If the dog touches the bell then walk outside and give him a nice treat. Once you have this part wrapped up, it’s time to associate the bell with the dog’s pooping behavior.

The final task will probably take the longest so remain patient. First, observe and take note of any signs that indicate your dog is about to poop. This could include signs like walking around in circle, whining, and standing by the door.

When you notice these signs, take action immediately. Distract your dog and lead him or carry him to the door. Say the command, wait for the dog to touch the bell, then let him out. Reward your dog with a nice treat when he is done with his business. Over time, the dog should be able to connect the dots.

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