What to Do if Your Dog is Over 6 Months Old and Not Potty Trained

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Is your dog six months old or older but has yet to be properly potty trained? Generally speaking, it’s best to have your puppy house-trained when they reach two to three months of age but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to train your dog when he’s older than that. Here are some tips on potty-training dogs that are at least six months old.

Build Out a Consistent Schedule

Dogs are creatures of habit so it’s important to build out a consistent schedule for a dog to follow throughout the day. This means being consistent with when you give your dog his meals and also being consistent with when you take the dog out for a walk or for him to do his toilet business. Eventually, you should be able to identify the dog’s potty time and reward him for following a good behavior.

Use Crate Training to Housebreak a Dog

Crate training is an excellent way to housebreak a dog. It also doesn’t matter if your dog is younger or older than six months of age. As den animals, dogs like to have a secure and comfortable living space. Dogs are also clean animals for the most part so they would not want their living space to be soaked and smeared with their own urine and poop. By crate training your dog, it’s much easier to identify when your dog needs to go out for a potty break. The dog will usually whine and scratch at her crate to let you know that he needs to go.

A lot of dog owners are uncomfortable with keeping their dogs in a crate for an extended period of time but it’s perfectly okay as long as the crate is appropriately-sized and you are being proactive in monitoring the dog while he is in the crate. Make sure your dog also has his favorite toys to keep him entertained while being crate trained.

Make Sure to Properly Clean Urine Stains

What if your six months old dog is repeatedly urinating in the same spot at home? In this situation, there’s a good chance that you didn’t clean up the mess properly. The dog will think it’s a prime potty spot if he can smell the odor from previous urine stains. We suggest using pet stain enzymatic cleaners to clear up the mess.

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