4 Ways to Stop Dogs from Destructively Chewing on Furniture

Dog Chewing Furniture

Is your dog not being a good boy and chewing on your furniture? Find out why they are exhibiting this bad behavior and how you can stop your dog from chewing on furniture and wood.

Why do Dogs Chew on Furniture

First off, it is normal behavior for dogs to chew as it is part of their basic instinct. Dogs may chew for a number of reasons, such as to keep their teeth clean or to chew something out of curiosity.

For single dog owners, the biggest reason that pushes their dogs to chew destructively is boredom. Dogs that are left alone at home for a long period of time will find something to entertain themselves. Unfortunately, boredom tends to lead to a lot of chewing.

Dog owners who are starting to notice the chewing issue should address it as soon as possible before the dog thinks it is good behavior. Here are some simple steps you can take.

How to Stop Dogs from Chewing on Furniture

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1. Address the Dog’s Boredom
This is no easy task for single dog owners but try and find something that’ll keep your dog engaged when you are not at home. You could buy your dog a variety of toys to play with, or you could get tech-savvy and get a pet camera, such as the Furbo dog camera, that can launch treats remotely.

It may take some trial-and-error before you find something that your dog likes. You don’t have to necessarily look at the expensive pet toys. In some cases, the cheaper alternatives work out just fine.

2. Active Exercise in the Morning
Many single dog owners have had great success reducing their dog’s destructive chewing incidents by getting some exercise done in the morning. A 30-minute morning walk or a 10-15 minute playing session with a flirt pole will get most dogs fairly worn out.

The idea behind the active morning exercise is to promote a schedule where your dog is active in the morning and early evening, and resting while you are gone for work. Did you know that morning workouts are great for you as well because it’ll keep you more energized throughout the day?

3. Play the Treasure Hunt game
Hide your dog’s favorite treat around your home before you head out for work. Most dogs will enjoy the time hunting for the treats and will be mentally worn out by the time they are done. Obviously, do this in moderation or else your dog’s tummy will be filled with treats every day.

A few dog owners have mentioned that the treasure hunt game has also reduced the separation anxiety their dogs initially experienced. Instead of whining, the dogs will immediately start their search for the treats as soon as the owner leaves the door.

4. Leave the TV or Radio on
Sometimes, dogs may chew destructively due to feeling a lot of anxiety. One way to address this is to leave the radio or television on while you are away at work. The sound can give your dog a sense of company and reduce the anxiety he feels from being alone.

Select a show that doesn’t produce a lot of heavy noise because dogs can be sensitive to the change in tones. For example, cooking shows tend to work well because there’s a lot of calming chatter. There are also plenty of great YouTube channels, such as DOGTV, that are dedicated for dogs.

All of the above steps can help reduce your dog’s boredom or frustration, which should ultimately reduce the dog’s destructive chewing incidents.

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