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4 Simple Ways to Stop Your Dog from Chewing Shoes

Dog Chews

Is your dog driving you mad because he is chewing all your shoes? Learn why they engage in this bad behavior and how you can stop them from chewing your shoes in the future.

Why Do Dogs Chew Shoes

First off, chewing is part of a dog’s innate behavior. The problem arises when the dog starts to chew your possessions, such as shoes and furniture. In addition to it being a part of their normal habits, dogs may also chew shoes for the following reasons:

How to Stop Dogs from Chewing Shoes

Dog Chew Toy

Take action as soon as possible. It’s hard to break a dog’s chewing habit, especially if they’ve been doing it for some time. Here are some things you can do to stop your dog from chewing shoes in the future.

Whatever you end up doing, never ever scold your dog or attempt to hit him. To a dog, every object, including shoes, is fair game. Instead, do your best to redirect your dog’s attention to an object that can be chewed without repercussions.

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