Simple Tricks to Stop Your Dog from Digging the Flower Bed

It can be a flower gardener’s worst nightmare when their dog goes to town with the flower bed. It would be very unusual for a dog to not enjoy a nice digging session in the yard. Here are some simple ways to keep your flowers safe from the dog’s digging.

Build a Physical Barrier

Unfortunately, the only way to keep your flowers safe might be to build a physical barrier. One of the cheapest ways to do this is by using materials like chicken wire. This, however, won’t work well for dogs that are big enough to jump over the makeshift fence.

Build an Alternative Digging Space

If you have space, it might help to build a separate sandbox where your dog can do as much digging as he wants. This will also require some training. You will need to use methods like positive reinforcement to teach your dog that it is good to dig in the sandbox and not the flower bed.

Place Rocks Along the Flower Bed

In addition to digging, some dogs might also love laying on the flower bed. One way to discourage your dog from squashing the flowers is by placing some rocks along the flower bed. This will make it too uncomfortable for the dog and he should eventually take his attention elsewhere.

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