MyPetChild Pet Financial Aid Program is offering one-time financial grants (up to $200 USD) to individual pet owners who are experiencing financial hardship. These grants can be applied to the cost of veterinary treatment (non-routine and non-emergency only).

Please don’t rely on our grant only as we are already processing a large volume of applications. As a small team, we are only able to offer grants to a limited number of applicants. There are many other financial aid options available nationwide and we encourage you to apply to all that are applicable to your situation in order to improve your chances of getting a grant.

To Qualify for Help

Other Important Guidelines

Application Process

1. The applicant will contact the veterinary clinic that is treating their cat or dog and confirm they will work with organizations that offer financial assistance.

2. The applicant will read through all guidelines on this page and submit a pre-screening form if they qualify for the financial grant.

3. MyPetChild team will review the pre-screening form. If approved, the team will respond back to the applicant for proof of financial hardship and other required details.

4. MyPetChild team will send a confirmation email once the application is approved. You are welcome to proceed with getting the veterinary care for your pet once the confirmation email is received.

5. The veterinary practice will email MyPetChild with a detailed invoice requesting for payment. MyPetChild will transfer the fee via bank wire transfer.

Pre-Application Form

This assistance program is temporarily on pause while we go through the existing backlog. Please check again in the near future.

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