Pet Passport & Traveling with Your Pet After Brexit

Pet Travel EU Brexit

Whether there’s a deal or no deal, pet owners (specifically dog, cat, or ferret owners) in the UK should prepare themselves for additional travel requirements if they plan on taking their pets to an EU country post-Brexit. The EU pet passport will no longer be a valid document for travel.

The following infographic highlights the key requirements that UK pet owners should prepare for based on the latest summary provided by the UK government.

Pet Travel to EU from UK post-Brexit

EU Pet Travel to Europe After Brexit

The new pet travel requirements for people in England, Scotland, and Wales will be determined based on the “third country” category the UK will be designated as post-Brexit. The three possibilities are unlisted, part 1 listed, and part 2 listed. The latest summary can be found on

EU Pet Travel Requirements for Unlisted Country

Out of the three categories, an unlisted country status would require UK pet owners to go through the most preparation steps. Pet owners will also need to prepare at least 4 months before the travel date to comply with the unlisted country travel requirements.

The main requirements are:

EU Pet Travel Requirements for Listed Part 1

If the UK is to become a part 1 listed country, your pet will still need proper micro-chipping and vaccination against rabies. The main difference is that you will need to apply for a UK pet passport as the EU pet passport you may currently have in your possession will no longer be valid.

EU Pet Travel Requirements for Listed Part 2

If the UK is to become a part 2 listed country, the micro-chipping, rabies vaccination, and tapeworm treatment will still apply. One important distinction will be that pet owners will need to visit an official vet no more than ten days before their travel date to get a new animal health certificate.

UK pet owners will also have to travel through designated ports of entry (TPE) in order to enter the EU with their pets. This official list covers the entry points for each country.

Returning to the UK Post-Brexit

What if you and your pet are already in the EU and have plans to travel back to the UK post-brexit? This is the current list of requirements we are aware of for pet owners who find themselves in this situation.

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Ty Johnson
Ty Johnson
11 months ago

Are we being compensated? Free pet passports being issued to replace those that are no longer valid?

Thaiana Costa
Thaiana Costa
4 months ago

Onde posso emitir esse passaporte pet?

Thaiana Costa
Thaiana Costa
4 months ago
Reply to  Thaiana Costa

preciso estar na Europa ou posso solicitar aqui do brasil?