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Potty Training Dog Bell
Dog Training

Doorbells make a great addition to a dog’s potty training process. Train your dog to use the bell when he needs to go outside to poop.

Stepping on Dog's Foot
Dog Care

Did you accidentally step on your dog’s foot or tail? Does it make you feel like the worst human in the world? This is how you should act towards your dog.

Dog Pooping Outside
Dog Care

Never punish your dog for a bad behavior. Instead, use this simple trick to teach your dog to poop outside.

Separation Anxiety
Dog Care

Does your dog make you feel really guilty every time you leave home for work? Here are some tricks to help your dog’s separation anxiety.

Dog Behaviors

No, it’s not because the dog is feeling horny. Here are four common reasons why female dogs like to hump and mount others.

Aggressive Dog
Dog Care

Here are seven visual signs that show your dog is becoming nervous to the point of being aggressive. Learn how to act in these situations.

Dog Hair Carpet
Dog Care

Use these simple tricks to keep the car seats and car carpets free of dog hair.