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Dog Drooling
Dog Health

Find out why your dog is constantly swallowing saliva and licking his lips. A trip to the vet may be warranted if this is a new behavior from your dog.

Dog Drooling
Dog Health

Is your puppy drooling more often than he normally does? Here are three common reasons for puppies drooling so often.

Dog Humping
Dog Behaviors

Is your dog acting strange and humping the air every so often? Here are a few common reasons for this dog behavior.

Dog Chewing
Dog Training

Is your dog snapping or biting at you every time you try to discipline him? Here are some ways to discourage him from acting aggressive.

Dog Biting
Dog Behaviors

Does your dog or puppy like to nibble you with his front teeth? There could be possible meaning behind this behavior.

Dog Growling
Dog Behaviors

Is your dog acting aggressive and only growing at certain family members? Here’s why and how to discourage this behavior.

Aggressive Dog
Dog Behaviors

Is your dog only acting aggressive to you and not your husband or wife? Find out why they might be acting this way.