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Laser Pointer Dogs
Dog Training

Find out why you shouldn’t use a laser pointer when playing with dogs. Laser pointers can have long-term consequences on a dog’s mental health.

Dog Sleeping on Bed
Dog Behaviors

Does your dog like to sleep betwen you and your wife or husband? There’s not a lot to worry about. Here are some common reasons why.

Dog Panting
Dog Behaviors

Is your dog starting to pant heavily at night for no reason? Here are some common reasons that may get your dog to breathe more quickly.

Chocolate Poisoning
Dog Health

Has your dog eaten chocolate? Here are some home remedies you can try in the event you aren’t able to visit a vet immediately.

Dog Shivering and Shaking
Dog Behaviors

Here are six common reasons that may cause your dog to shake and shiver randomly, and show abnormal behaviors.

Dog Adoption
Getting a Pet

Here’s what pet rescue and adoption organizations in California have to say on the Pet Rescue and Adoption Act (AB 485).

Aggressive Dog
Dog Behaviors

Find out what is causing your dog to attack another dog in the household. Professional help is recommended for handling inter-dog aggression.