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Dog Having Diarrhea
Dog Health

Try these four simple tricks to stop your dog from eating his own poop (or the poop of other dogs). This condition is known as coprophagia.

Dog Barking
Dog Behavior

There’s always a reason for your dog’s excessive barking. Find out why they might appear to bark for no reason at night.

Dog Fence
Dog Behavior

Discourage your dog from becoming a part-time escape artist by using these six tactics to stop him from digging under the fence.

Dog Having Diarrhea
Dog Poop

Find out how stress can cause dogs to have an episode of bloody diarrhea. Learn what to do when you find yourself in this situation.

Dog Eat Grass
Dog Behaviors

Find out the real reason why your dog likes to eat grass and weeds. Find out how you can prevent this strange behavior.

Yogurt for Dogs
Dog Poop

Yogurt is considered a good food to give to dogs with diarrhea. Find out what’s considered a safe amount to give.

Dog Chicken & Rice Meal
Dog Poop

Find out why your dog’s poop turned yellow after being fed a mix of chicken and rice. Yellow poop can be caused by a number of factors.