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The number of pet surrenders is increasing as more and more pet owners struggle to maintain the income needed to care for their pets. Our goal is to stop this from happening and to keep families together. is an online resource for financially-struggling pet owners. We help pet owners connect with organizations that offer pet financial assistance, whether that's through subsidizing vet bills or giving free pet food and supplies.


US Veterinary Help Find affordable vet care in the US.
UK Veterinary Help Find affordable vet care in the UK.
What Food Can Dogs Eat? What food is or isn't safe for dogs.
Pet-Friendly Houseplants Safe around cats and dogs
Lost Pet Poster Generator Create a lost & found poster in less than a minute.
Dog Ownership Calculator Estimate how much it costs to own a dog.


Why Withholding Water from Your Dog at Night is Dangerous

Withholding water from your dog is something we wouldn’t encourage dog owners to do unless it’s from the instructions of a vet.

Dogs Can Die from a Broken Leg if You Aren’t Careful

The risk of death will depend on the severity of the injury and how well you take care of your pet.

Here’s What Happens if You Don’t Neuter Your Dog

There are pros and cons to both neutering and not neutering your dog. Here are things to consider if you decide to not neuter your dog.

My Dog Killed My Other Dog – What You Should Do Next

It’s a dog owner’s worst nightmare when one of their dogs kills the other dog. Here are some steps to consider in this unfortunate situation.

Does a Raw Meat Diet Doesn’t Make Your Dog Aggressive?

Whoever is spreading the rumor that dogs become more aggressive when they are fed a raw diet should stop as there is no truth to it.

Dog Peeing a Lot of Clear Urine – Why & What to Do Next

Clear urine is not always a sign of a healthy dog. Here are few health considerations for dogs that pee clear urine.

How to Find a Dog that’s Been Lost for Over 24 Hours

One of the biggest nightmares for pet owners would be when they lose their pet. Here are the steps you should take if your dog has been lost for over 24 hours.

Can Dogs Eat Boba / Tapioca Pearls? When it is or isn’t an Emergency

For health reasons, it’s important to not let your dog eat boba or tapioca pearls.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Grass? When it is or isn’t an Emergency

Yes, it’s fine for dogs to nibble at the cat grass as long as they aren’t eating too much of it at once.

Why Sevin Dust isn’t Safe for Dogs

Trying to get rid of pests from the vegetable garden bed? Find out if it’s safe to use Sevin dust around pets.

Here’s Why It’s Unlikely for Eagles to Pick up a Dog

Here are some things for dog owners to consider if they live in an area that’s known for wild eagles and hawks.

Can Dogs Eat Ribeye Bones? When it is or isn’t an Emergency

Dogs can be given ribeye bones as long as the dog owner remembers a couple of safety conditions.

Here’s the Right Amount to Pay a Friend for Dog Sitting

How much you should pay a friend for dog sitting will depend on many factors such as how much care the dog needs and where the dog will be taken care of.

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Consistently Howl Between 3 AM – 4 AM

It can be super-frustrating for dog owners who can’t get a good night’s sleep because their dogs are howling late into the night.

Why Your Dog is Flinching All of a Sudden

Has your dog been starting to flinch all a sudden especially when you try to touch him? Here are some reasons that may explain the flinching behavior.

Dogs Barks in their Crate at Night – Top 3 Reasons Why

Your dog might still have plenty of energy to burn while they are in their crate at night.

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