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Yogurt for Dogs

Yogurt is considered a good food to give to dogs with diarrhea. Find out what’s considered a safe amount to give.

Dog Chicken & Rice Meal

Find out why your dog’s poop turned yellow after being fed a mix of chicken and rice. Yellow poop can be caused by a number of factors.

Dog Pooping Outside

Does your dog’s poop have a weird color or consistency? Use our dog stool color chart to learn more about the state of your dog’s health.

Dog Licking Face

It’s cute until your dog starts to lick your face at every opportunity. Find out why they lick and what you can do about this common behavior.

Skunk Smell Removal

Was your dog an unfortunate victim of a skunk’s spray attack? Here are some tips on removing the nauseous skunk smell from your dog as quickly and safely as possible.

Preparing Your Dog for Wildfires

Read our tips to give your dog and yourself the best possible chance of escaping from an incoming wildlife. Start your preparations today.

Dog Barking for Food

Does your dog’s nonstop barking drive you crazy? Here are some ways to stop your dog from barking when you eat.