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Dog Coffee

It’s cumbersome when your dog won’t eat his food but will eat treats. To be honest, he may have gotten this bad eating habit because of you.

Dog Falling Wobbly

If your dog is losing hair around his eyes, should you be worried? It is natural or is it a result of an underlying disease?

Dog Crusty Back

“My dog has crusty scabs on his back and neck, what should I do?” In most cases, skin problems are harmless and easy to deal with.

Dog Sneezing

Your dog throwing up white foam is commonly not a cause for concern, but you still need to keep a eye on him for other adverse symptoms.

Spider Bite

Spider bites on dogs can be dealt with at home, but you should know exactly what warning signs to watch out for and when to go to the vet.

Dog Cheese

If your dog’s stomach is making a strange squeaking noise, you might have fed him something that upset his stomach.

Dog Chewing

Knowing how to stop your dog from chewing himself is essential. Deal with what’s causing it before your pet gets more serious wounds.