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Dog Bowl

If your dog is making loud stomach noises and won’t eat, go to your vet right away. Be ready with the alarming symptoms that you have seen.

Dog's Eyes Rolling Back

Knowing how to comfort a dog with a fever, without going to the vet, can be helpful in treating minor infections or inflammations.

Dog Sleeping

Your dog feels cold to touch because he might be experiencing hypothermia. Know that in severe cases this condition may be fatal.

Dog Falling Wobbly

Your dog vomiting yellow bile and not eating may be a warning sign. But, if her appetite is fine, then you just have to adjust meal time.

Dog Diapers

Did you know that gas and bloating can be bad for your dog’s health? Knowing how to massage gas out of your dog can really help in mild cases.

Dog Breathing

There will be cases when your dog yelps when touched or even when you barely touch him. It’s one way for him or her to communicate pain.

Dog Tongue

My dog won’t stop licking his private parts – this is a common problem with pet owners. This article may offer an explanation and solution.